Stylish lighting for exclusive interiors

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The luxurious character of the interior can also be emphasized by lighting. For this purpose, different types of chandeliers, wall lamps and lamps are used. Which of them is worth choosing for a high-class interior? What should you pay attention to?

What types of lighting are worth choosing?

In the case of luxury interiors we have a basic set of types of lighting, which must be in the interior. They can be supplemented with additional ones, which will emphasize the original style of the interior.

Hanging lamps

The basic type of lighting that can be used in individual interiors. While in the luxurious living room the main source of light is rather associated with a magnificent chandelier, in the kitchen or bedroom you can successfully bet on a designer hanging lamp. Attention is drawn to very interesting designs designed for glamour interiors, which are decorated with crystals or have a metallic sheen

Standing lamps

Standing lamps are often the lighting of choice. In modern interiors you can bet even on futuristic models, but even traditional copies on a metal frame with a fabric lampshade can be found in luxurious interiors. An example is the New York style, where the lamp with a white lampshade is still a very fashionable addition

Wall sconces

Point sources of light on the walls will create the perfect mood especially in larger spaces. So don’t be surprised if your wall sconce too is adorned with crystals, gilded or designed in a modern style.


One of the elements most associated with exclusive arrangements, is precisely the magnificent chandelier. These are, of course, classic hanging constructions, necessarily sparkling with crystals. The fashion for metallic reflections also affects this type of lighting – silver or gold reflections are a more modern edition of the luxury chandelier.

Table or desk lamps

A luxurious interior can also be decorated with a beautiful table or desk lamp. One example is the beautiful and very stylish mosaic lamps. Some of them are small works of art in themselves.

Additional types of lighting

Modern interiors are worth getting additional lighting in the form of LED strips. These can be placed in a variety of spaces

Different types of luxury

Not every type of lamp, wall sconce, or chandelier will suit a particular type of interior. After all, the luxurious nature of an interior refers to its standard, not to a particular style. Hence, a few additional options can be suggested:

Classic style

The phenomenon of interiors inspired by classical style is associated with the perfect combination of light and delicate colors, solid furniture, antiques and stucco. A magnificent chandelier is sometimes chosen here on the basis of contrast. It is not uncommon for them to be constructions with as many as eighteen arms. White is combined here with silver and gold accents. You can choose classic versions or their modern counterparts

Lighting for palatial interiors

Dignified rooms decorated almost like banquet halls, need the right accent in the form of a beautiful chandelier, preferably with complementary wall lamps. For several thousand zlotys you can buy a twelve-arm white chandelier designed specifically for the palace interiors by the Italian brand Masiero. Twelve lampshades made of luxurious damask are mounted on a brass rim. The whole is decorated with Swarovski crystals. You can also purchase a luxury chandelier with seven or more arms. The amber colored cup-shaped lampshades go beautifully with the silver frame and crystals.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych/Pexels

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