Celebrities’ ways to stay slim

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Miracle diets supposedly don’t exist, yet plenty of celebrities lose a little body, often in a very short time. Watching pictures of slimmed down celebrities, you think to yourself that with such wealth it is not difficult.

However, it turns out that money is not the determinant. Sometimes a few changes in nutrition can work wonders. Celebrity diet means something different to everyone. Check out how the most famous celebrities lose weight.

SIRT diet or mysterious sirtuins

Some time ago media circulated photos of Adele, in which it was really hard to recognize her. Slimming down by a good 40 kilos, the singer not only delighted the whole world with her figure, but also clearly rejuvenated and cleverly avoided the yoyo effect

This is all thanks to the currently very popular SIRT diet. The phenomenon of this diet is based on including into the menu products that activate sirtuins, i.e. enzymes delaying the aging process. Sirtuins have another secret – their activation promotes caloric deficit. The four-step diet is based on green vegetables with antioxidant properties, complemented by fruits and nuts included in the menu. It really can work wonders.

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The 5:2 Diet – Eat what you want, but in time windows

Who wouldn’t want to eat at will and lose weight? This dream of all gluttons can be achieved, but under certain conditions. Jennifer Lopez, who admits to following the 5:2 diet, is a perfect example that there is method in this madness.

The diet has extremely simple rules, namely for 5 days a week you eat your favorite meals, and for 2 days a week you limit your food intake to max. on fasting days you eat only breakfast, which is the most important part of your calorie needs. On fast days you eat only breakfast and dinner with a 12 hour break, and your meals should include protein foods and those high in fiber and with a low glycemic index. What are these 2 days of starvation, when you have 5 days of no diet?

Boxed diets – for busy people

What is the favorite celebrity diet? One that takes very little time to prepare. Kasia Cichopek and Agata Mlynarska will surely confirm that their diets are limited to heating the food. How is it possible?

The key to success is composing a reduction menu by qualified dietitians and preparing meals by experienced cooks. We are talking about a very popular among busy celebrities box diet.

The courier delivers in the morning ready-made meals for the whole day and your role is only to eat them at a fixed time. Banally simple and effective.

Alkaline diet for the motivated

This is a diet for people who are highly motivated to lose weight and do not mind restrictions. Undoubtedly, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow or Victoria Beckham are so motivated – they have to look phenomenal always and everywhere.

A diet based on deacidification has a beneficial effect on restoring the body’s acid-alkaline balance, but it is characterized by a very restrictive exclusion from the menu of acidifying products, such as coffee, alcohol, eggs, animal products or cereals. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and mushrooms are the basis. Well, what not to do for a beautiful figure. Can you do it?

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The Glycemic Diet – Healthy Weight Loss

Can you lose a healthy 5 pounds a month? Of course you can. Ewa Farna can attest to the fact that a low-glycemic diet is a quick and healthy way to lose weight. The secret lies in low-GI products, which cause the least increase in blood sugar levels.

The menu is based on whole grains, vegetables, pulses, fruits and mushrooms, but alcohol, white bread and sweets are not completely excluded, only limited. Such a diet is pure pleasure!

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