New Kim – here’s a pigeon worth a fortune

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As much as 1.6 million euro – such amount was paid for the pigeon at the auction in Belgium and thus it became the most expensive representative of this species in history

The new owner of the unique pigeon was an anonymous collector from China. Thus, he broke the previous sales record. Last year, 1,252,000 euro was paid for the Armando pigeon.

New Kim is two years old and comes from the collection of famous, experienced breeders from Belgium. Gaston and Kurt Van De Wouwer put their entire collection, i.e. a total of 445 specimens, up for auction, but probably no one expected that it was New Kim that would steal the hearts of most breeders and collectors, who were willing to pay huge amounts for her.

This proves that the interest in racing pigeons is not waning and more and more people decide to breed them professionally, although it is time-consuming and requires a lot of determination.

Photo: Pixabay

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