Braided bags perfect for summer – how to wear them?

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At any time of the year we like to feel loose and comfortable in clothes, and even more so in summer, which we associate with blissful rest and relaxation. The carefree atmosphere is expressed in our outfits, colorful, light and airy. They are complemented by subtle accessories, especially timeless braided bags, which we take to the beach, to work and for a walk. 

Braided bag – which one to choose?

Braided bags can hardly be called a novelty. They accompany us as if from time immemorial. Well, maybe not in the form of handbags, but baskets, often small and quite chic. Today you can confidently take such a bag for a walk too, especially since vintage-style accessories are very fashionable.

In the past, woven bags were made exclusively of straw, and nowadays different materials are used to make them. Especially prized today are bags woven from palm and banana leaves. Also, don’t be surprised if your choice falls on a bag made of paper. Plaiting from paper wicker is quite widespread. 

Besides, woven bags vary in size, shape and color. Currently in stores there are available not only bags in shades of beige, but also in colors of fuchsia, orange or juicy green. As you can see, to choose from, to color. All that remains is to skillfully and sensitively combine a braided bag with the rest of the styling.

Braided bags – what to wear with?

Summer styling is distinguished by quite a lot of freedom, also in terms of connectivity. We put on what we feel comfortable in, and wear with pleasure, allowing ourselves a pleasant looseness. A plaid bag is helpful in building a summer casual atmosphere. It is a graceful accessory that looks best in duet with airy clothes.

Braided bags are an organic complement to natural fabrics like linen, cotton and silk. Dress, pants or skirt, shirt, T-shirt, top and jumpsuit – the variations of summer styling are endless. You can also experiment with thicker fabrics. An interestingly braided bag will look good accompanied by denim or thick tricot. Such decorative elements as lace, tassels, wooden beads and buttons, braided shoes or belts will also give a chic look to the styling.

Braided bag in metropolitan style

Complementing your big-city look with a braided bag, there are a few things to keep in mind. You certainly wouldn’t want to hear a comment from a random passerby along the lines of “she dressed up like she was going to the beach.” To avoid this, choose small, compact bags, preferably with a short handle. From a strictly beach bag you do not have to give up completely. Such an accessory can successfully replace a shopping bag, which you will take to the mall and to the store. However, when you go to a restaurant or cafe, a sleek, neat braided handbag will be a much better option.

If you don’t want your look to be associated with the beach, it’s also essential to pay attention to your shoes. Balance your summer bag with shoes on heels or platforms. Remember that the more you expose your body, the more your look brings to mind the beach. If you don’t wish such comparisons, take care to drape your shoulders. Impose a shirt, jacket or a thin, short cardigan – and you’re done! Now no one will accuse you of an outfit straight from the beach.

Of course, the braided bag has one disadvantage – seasonality. But the summer styles achieved with it are probably worth it, don’t you think?

main photo: Beliaikin

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