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Fashion accessories can completely change the character of an outfit. But which accessories should you choose for a subtle and elegant look? We like to show you which accessories complement your outfit perfectly.

Any outfit, even the most basic one, can gain character with interesting accessories. But which accessories should you choose to make your outfit nonchalant and elegant? Check out our suggestions.

Elegant and subtle jewelry

A great idea to emphasize elegant character of your outfit is choosing subtle jewelry. A perfect choice for this role are real celebrity necklaces, or very fashionable celebrity necklace. Such delicate and very feminine jewelry will be a perfect proposition for beautifully emphasizing the neckline. You can wear it both with slightly open shirt and with elegant dress. Undoubtedly, it is the most stylish and elegant necklace for a girl.

You can also bet on earrings. This season extremely fashionable will be earrings on a delicate chain. This is a very sensual and extremely elegant jewelry, which will go well with both daily and more evening outfits. Equally fashionable this season will be crystal earrings, especially the richly decorated designs of precious stones, gold and silver, which bring to mind the French courts. Such earrings appeared at the Markarian and Giambattista Valli shows, among others, and stole the hearts of everyone.

The return of the pantyhose trend

This season sees the return of the tights fashion. They are no longer a must-have in the office dress code or a necessity to protect against the cold, but an extremely stylish accessory that adds character and elegance to any outfit. The catwalks of Gucci, Chanel and Fendi featured printed models, such as spotted and striped tights, and it is these patterned models that will reign supreme this season. You can be sure that you will look phenomenal wearing such patterned tights with your favorite dress or skirt.

Which handbag to choose?

A handbag is undoubtedly one of the most important accessories to your outfit. Not only can it be a stylish highlight of your outfit, but it is also extremely practical. But which handbags work best as a complement to an elegant styling? Opt for classic shoppers with interesting textures, such as models with striking embossing. When it comes to color, apart from classic black, which is obviously a favorite of many of us, it’s worth betting on more crazy colors, such as red or metallic.

Another equally stylish proposal are so called baguettes. This is nothing else than handbag worn under the armpit, which wonderfully adds chic and elegance. Matching such a small handbag to your styling, you can be sure that you will feel like a real French it-girl.

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