What shoes do celebrities wear? Here are the most popular brands

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When you don’t know what shoes to choose for the new season, you are bound to be involuntarily reminded of what shoes your idol recently showed up in. Celebrities are and always have been icons of good style. It’s worth taking a look at what shoes celebrities are wearing to get an idea of what’s trending

What shoes do celebrities wear every day?

The shoes of Hollywood stars, famous models and red carpet personalities are sometimes very different from what these people wear every day. The shoes that celebrities wear are often the object of interest for many women.

Attico – a shoe brand appreciated by celebrities

Although Attico is not strictly a shoe brand, it released its first footwear collection at the end of 2017, which quickly gained celebrity shoe status. The company, founded by Italian influencers Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio, released a now-recognizable model of open-heel shoes called “Venus.” These are pointy satin shoes with ties that have been released in many vibrant colors. The “Venus” shoes have been praised by celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Margot Robbie, and Gilda Ambrosio

Celebrity brand flat shoes

The ex-wife of 56-year-old Johnny Depp, Amber Heard is used to the close attention of journalists. Every outing of the actress (even for a simple walk) is a reason for a topic in the media. The celebrity’s casual look relies heavily on her shoes. Cropped black jeans, flat shoes by Celebrity, a shoulder bag and a leather jacket (most likely replacing an accessory) are the hallmarks of her style.

Wandler – recognizably chic

The iconic handbag brand Wandler launched its now highly coveted shoe line in May 2019. In doing so, it underlined its reputation as an accessory brand loved by celebrities from all over the world. Easily recognizable by its square toe, the two-tone shoes have been liked by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Zazi Beetz and Kaia Gerber.

Celebrities’ favorite shoes – sporty style

Sneakers are the favorite shoes of celebrities. Every celebrity has several pairs of sneakers. In recent photos of supermodel Cindy Crawford with her daughter Kaia, you can see that the stars went shopping in New York in sneakers. Cindy opted for blue jeans, white blouse, jacket and sporty sneakers. Kaia chose comfortable sneakers to go with her romantic pea dress. Stylish, comfortable and sexy!

In everyday life, Hailey Bieber also prefers a sporty style, which is not surprising. In 2018, the superstar served as creative director of Adidas, the brand most worn by celebrities. Justin Bieber’s wife’s sporty look perfectly highlights her naturally beautiful form.

Manolo Blahnik sandals that Rihanna chose

Rihanna is one of those celebrities who buys her favorite thing in all colors! Thus, she spent a considerable amount of money to buy ten pairs of sandals from Manolo Blahnik. But with enviable consistency, she only wears a pair in black, pairing them with both elegant and avant-garde styles.

Ash Virgin Tennis

Anne Hathaway walked the red carpet in her favorite Ash Virgin sneakers! And on weekdays, she practically doesn’t part with them. According to the actress, Ash Virgin sneakers simply must be in every woman’s closet. Does the brand pay her for advertising?

Gucci Ace

These low shoes debuted in Milan during the Gucci brand show. They are inspired by white sneakers and quickly became a celebrity favorite. Ace athletic shoes have been a luxury footwear staple for men and women for some time now, and it seems that even in 2021, celebrities still love them. Their subtle features and excellent build quality make them some of the best athletic shoes available on the market today. Gucci Ace shoes are very popular among celebrities. Anushka Sharma, Elle Fanning, Taylor Swift, Kourtney Kardashian, Sienna Miller have all shown up in them

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