The best inspirations for special occasion make-up

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Special occasion makeup should feature beautifully emphasized eyes and a good quality mattifying foundation that will work even for very long parties. Be sure to check out our trendy make-up inspirations, which add both charm and elegance.

1. Accentuated Eyes and Natural Lipstick

Glitter is not always the key to evening make-up. It is much more elegant if you bring out the beauty of your eyes with brown or black eye shadow. Use eyeliner to define your lash line. Additionally, emphasize your eyelid with a brown, slightly opalescent shadow. In the inner corner of your eye add some lighter shadow, transitioning smoothly to the darker color on the outer part of your eyelid. The lower eyelid can be delicately highlighted with a black pencil or eye shadow. If your eyes are heavily highlighted, do not use a strong lipstick. It can create an unnatural and theatrical effect. A matte, beige lipstick or gloss will suffice. A natural glamour effect is guaranteed!

2. Red lipstick is always on trend!

Michelle Williams beautifully highlights her lips with red lipstick, just like Marilyn Monroe did. Follow in her footsteps! Pick a lip liner the same color as your lipstick and very lightly outline your lips across the red line. Fill in the center with a cherry-red lipstick for a subtle shimmer. On your eyelids apply a solid eye shadow with iridescent particles. Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes.

3. Orange is in fashion again for evening make-up

An interesting idea is to use orange or peach eye shadow all over the upper eyelid. To emphasize your eyes even more, use some beige eye shadow to mark the area under your eyebrows. Use an eyebrow shadow and gently brush the brows with a special brush. Cheekbones should also be highlighted and blushed with a peach-colored blush. In addition, shade the sides of your face with a bronzer, which is perfect for slimming your face.

4. Clip-in Hairpieces and Eyeliner

Special occasion make-up must combine elements of evening make-up and photo make-up. It is important not only to make the skin look matte but also to emphasize the eyes so that they look fabulous in the photos. A good solution is to use tufts, which thicken the lashes and make the eyes look bigger. Additionally, it is a good idea to emphasize the shape of the eye with eyeliner

If you do not know how to apply individual tufts by yourself, you can use the recently fashionable reusable magnetic eyelashes, which will also make a wow effect. Thanks to them your look will be expressive and beautiful. This look is best completed with a lip gloss or a delicate, pink lipstick. Avoid matte colors – a bit of shine is important for special occasion makeup. Delicate particles will give your lips a full shape. They will blend in perfectly with the whole makeup look.

What to keep in mind when applying special occasion make-up?

Make sure you have a strong accent, whether it is a well-defined lip or a natural lipstick and colored eye shadow. One more highlight will make your entire makeup look perfect.

Be sure to use a good quality foundation. It should slightly cover imperfections and have a matte finish. This will help you look gorgeous in the photos without a shiny T-zone. Make sure to lighten up around your eyes as well – use a concealer to cover dark circles and fine lines. To give freshness to your complexion you must use a delicate blush with shiny particles. A highlight applied to the center of your nose and the hollow above your upper lip will make your face look beautiful.

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