How to arrange an apartment in New York style?

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American style is not only classic in XXL size, but also the atmosphere of infinite freedom in the spirit of New York

Luxury hotels in Manhattan with floor-to-ceiling windows; lofts-galleries; stores with Russian signs in Brighton Beach; corner restaurants that exude the aroma of curry – all this can be found in New York. The city is as complex as a French dessert. If you are fascinated by New York style and want to introduce it to your apartment, read this article

Freedom, openness, eclecticism, comfort and simplicity – this is where you should start if you want to recreate the New York style in your apartment

What is New York style?

New York style is known to anyone who has watched the series “Sex in the city”

There is a reason why this style is often referred to as classic – New York interiors are timeless. Despite changing design trends, New York style always remains the same beautiful. What distinguishes it is attention to detail. Space in such interiors must be carefully planned. This style is particularly characteristic for large areas. Particular attention is paid in it to accessories. They must be carefully selected to decorate the classic interior. It is important to choose good quality fabrics and materials, while not overdoing it. Moderation is a key feature of the New York style.

Freedom and space – key to New York style

New York style layout is an open loft type space. If possible, you should get rid of walls and partitions. The kitchen should transition into the dining room and living room, which in turn should lead to further nooks in the apartment. New York apartments are all about freedom. You can’t risk spilling margaritas while maneuvering between door frames and countertops. So opt for space and freedom

Huge windows

Huge windows are a must for New Yorkers. Letting in as much natural light as possible is important, especially on high floors obscured by other skyscrapers. Therefore, large windows are an important feature of New York style.

If you don’t have large windows, use all available techniques to brighten and increase the space of the room. Choose soft, bright shades, get rid of things you don’t like or no longer need. Organize the space in such a way that you have the opportunity to admire what is outside the window.

Show off your style and passions

The space of a New York-style apartment should be organized first and foremost to express the character, taste and interests of its occupants. How do New Yorkers do it?

If someone rides a skateboard through the Bronx every night, he or she will never hide the board in the hall closet. If you visit a New Yorker, you’ll immediately see a skateboarder, a surf coach who deals with wealthy clients on Long Island, or an avid fan of the NY Yankees baseball club.

With New York style, it’s important to put on display what you consider to be “yours” and important. Choose an iconic accent piece that will wow you. Even if it will seem quirky.

Furniture: functional, fashionable, elegant

When finishing a New York style apartment, go for minimalism when it comes to furniture

With a small amount of furniture, you can invest well in it and choose only the best solutions. Don’t be afraid of trendy things and furniture with unusual shapes.

New Yorkers also love multifunctional, “smart” things, so if a sofa can cleverly unfold and transform into a neat chaise longue – it will be a good buy for your apartment.

Good lighting

Pay special attention to the lighting. In a New York style apartment, there should be plenty of lamps placed wherever they can be useful. Numerous lamps will help to separate the zones of the room and highlight the most important accents. It is important that the apartment easily switches from “showroom” mode to “paradise for quiet one-on-one conversations” mode. It is necessary to understand that the New York interior reflects a certain lifestyle, in the matrix of which the most important thing is freedom. The basic task in creating a New York style interior is to reclaim as much space as possible, and then enjoy gigantomania in reasonable doses and provide yourself with the maximum amount of comfort.

Everything on a large scale

So that eclecticism does not spoil the integrity of the interior, in the New York style it is best to bet on one large thing instead of a composition of several smaller ones. Where a European would hang a painting to support a headboard, a New Yorker turns an entire wall into a headboard. Where a European will think of what to combine small rugs with, a New Yorker will line an entire room with rugs. NY residents are accustomed to “large scale” and choose furniture and décor appropriate to that thinking.

Focus on technology

When it comes to technology, a home needs to be fully structured. For a New Yorker, filling a home with technology is much more important than whether a bed or lamp is from a well-known brand.

Living room – the center of the apartment

A large sofa in the middle of the living room is not a fad, but an absolute necessity. A New York style apartment is always ready for guests. Choose a sofa that looks great from any angle, and add designer chairs with unusual upholstery, soft pouffes and decorative pillows. In New York living rooms, no one sits with a straight back on a Viennese chair – everyone feels as comfortable as they do at home.

Minimalist kitchen

The kitchen in New York City apartments is usually minimalist. Appliances are built in, dishes are tucked away in cabinets, and glasses can be hung over the bar.

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