How to choose a good interior designer?

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Are you decorating your new home? Or maybe you are planning a major renovation of your current one? In both situations it is worth using the services of an interior designer. Check out how to find a designer who is good at what they do.

Interior design – when is it worth leaving it to professionals?

People who decide to change their place of residence more and more often hire an interior designer and move into their new home only after it has been fully decorated. Of course, not everyone uses the services of an interior designer. Do you prefer to decorate your home yourself? It’s a great idea and, let’s face it, it saves a lot of money if you have enough time. But when is it worth hiring an interior designer?

  • When you want to decorate your home in a particular style, but you are not fluent in interior design. If your home is not to be a collection of items that you like, but it has to fit into a particular style or styles (after all, different rooms can be decorated in different styles) and have a unique character.
  • If you do not have time to look for paints, tiles, furniture and decorative items – using the service of an interior designer, you can purchase the option not only of the project itself, but also the supervision of its implementation. Such complex service of interior designer is a great convenience for busy people. Of course, its cost is much higher than, for example, conceptual design (depiction of interiors after the realization of the project), but it is definitely worth considering.
  • If you simply do not like renovations and chaos that comes with them.

Interior designer – how to choose a good one?

Wondering how to choose a good interior designer? This task can cause us a lot of problems if we do not think about a few issues. Before you hire an interior designer, consider:

  • what kind of service do you need? Is conceptual design enough for you or do you need a person who will also supervise the project?
  • do you need an interior designer on site or is a phone or online contact enough?
  • in what style do you want to decorate your home? Do you need help in choosing the style?
  • what budget can you allocate for the interior designer’s fee and for buying necessary materials and furniture?

The choice of designer depends on the answers to these questions. Not everyone will prepare an arrangement in a particular style. Some designers specialize in a particular style, others do not agree to supervise the implementation of the project. That is why before starting your research, it is worth to think about what exactly you expect.

Good interior designer – what should you pay attention to when choosing one?

Contrary to what one might think, it’s not the education that is the first thing we should check when verifying the skills of an interior designer

Of course, having a degree in a particular field is important, but experience is more important. Only a designer with experience can show us his or her portfolio, on the basis of which we can judge whether the aesthetics of his or her projects appeals to us. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to assess that with a person who is just looking for his first orders.

Is it worth using friends’ recommendations? Of course, but even in this case let’s honestly review the designer’s portfolio and honestly talk to him about our expectations.

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