What men’s shoes to buy for a navy blue suit?

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A navy blue suit is a staple in a man’s closet. Both the color and cut of the suit suit suit every formal occasion, as well as less formal outings. Most men look good in navy blue, regardless of their beauty, and the choice of accessories is not a problem either. What shoes should I choose for a navy blue suit?

Navy blue suit is recently one of the most popular elegant sets for work, meetings or family celebrations. Blue color chic and youthful freshness make every man look good in such suit and feel confident. Navy blue is gaining popularity and no wonder. Celebrities choose this suit color even for formal galas, and where can you wear this type of menswear?

A navy blue suit is perfect for a wedding, but not only!

Wedding ceremony is not only an important day for the married couple, but also for all invited guests. Every man wants to match the beauty of his partner, and ultimately look at least comparably good. That is why on the day of searching for a favorite and irreplaceable suit we more and more often reach for a navy blue set with classic accessories. Almost all colors go with navy blue, which gives a lot of room for manoeuvre

Where else should we wear a navy blue suit? It looks very good during business meetings. Both very formal and casual ones. It is enough to match navy blue pants with a blue shirt and brown accessories to look bold, brave and professional at the same time.

Accessories for a navy blue suit – remember this to look good!

The color navy blue is considered to be very easy in creating perfect styles. It is also a very cheerful and quite neutral color. You can put many kinds of accessories to a navy blue suit, and any such set will always be on trend.

The most popular accessories here will be those kept in black color. This color can be both men’s shoes, as well as a belt or a pillowcase. However, this is not the only option. Navy blue goes well with brown, so even in this tone you can create a smart and successful variant of an elegant outfit.

Navy blue can also be freely combined with pastels. Here, a large range of choice is worth leaving to yourself when it comes to choosing a multicolored shirt. Don’t know which one to choose? Opt for white or blue.

Shoes and a navy blue suit – an attribute of masculinity and modern chic

It is true that shoes play a very important, if not crucial role in a man’s closet. The more well-made upper, the better first impression. Leather, apart from its aesthetic qualities, has other important advantages. First of all, it looks very nice on the foot and is comfortable even when a man has to spend several hours in the shoes.

For a navy blue suit you can choose shoes kept in black, which will add formality and uniqueness to the outfit. A very good choice in such a styling will be for example modern cut oxfords

How about dark brown? Yes, if the occasion you are going to is semi-formal and you care about classic look. You can bet, for example, on trendy monki without openwork from https://milermenswear.com/kategoria/buty-meskie, why is it worth it? Because this color combination will not go out of fashion for a long, long time

You don’t like predictability and you avoid boredom in your styling? Opt for maroon shoes. This color combination will surprise you and make a huge impression on many people!

Choose interesting accessories and enjoy always reliable look!

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