Celebrities love Tulum. Discover its most interesting attractions

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Why should you come to Tulum? This Mexican resort is especially popular among celebrities. Natalia Siwiec, Ewelina Lisowska, Malgorzata Rozenek-Majdan and other celebrities eagerly share accounts of their stay in this place in their social media. Why is it worth going there on vacation? Here are some good reasons.

Where is Tulum located?

The popular resort is located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, in the province of Quintana Roo. It is located near the ruins of a Mayan city, which is an added attraction, as well as the rocky cliffs located off the coast of the Caribbean Sea that reach up to 12 meters in height. Tulum has over 15 thousand permanent residents. there is an international airport 20 km from the city. Why is it worth to be here? First of all, it is still a little less popular tourist destination in Mexico, which remains somewhat in the shadow of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. This is a good thing, since the invasion of tourists could overshadow the beauty of this place.

Charming beaches

These are the ones that tempt the greatest number of tourists. They are appreciated primarily because the weather is good, it is clean, and in low season there are no huge crowds. The most popular are Tulum Beach and Playa Maya. White sand perfectly blends here with turquoise water and plenty of sun. Here you can allow yourself a little more blissful laziness and stay closer to nature – sometimes you manage to find a piece of beach, which for a moment you can have only to yourself. A real treat for those who dream of a quiet holiday without the crowds

Mayan city ruins

For those who choose the more popular destinations in Mexico, it is the ruins of the Mayan city that Tulum is most associated with. The site is definitely worth a visit. Situated on a high cliff and surrounded by a high wall, the city was an important port for trading with the surrounding islands during the Middle Ages. Today it is left as quite well preserved gray ruins with a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea. The strongest association with Tulum is the “El Castillo” – the “castle” that is often immortalized on photos. The largest structure, located high up but with a descent to a charming beach, most likely served the Maya for religious worship


Yucatan, including Tulum, is famous for its natural wells called cenotes. They are located in limestone caves and have a connection to the underground water network. Sometimes daylight comes in only through a small hole in the rock, which gives them a unique charm. A great and unforgettable attraction is diving and swimming in such places. Tulum is mostly associated with Gran Cenote, 10 meters deep and with two branches. Here you can meet turtles, bats and fish.

Mexican Cuisine from the Yucatan Peninsula

While in Tulum, you should also feast your palate – you can do so by tasting the local cuisine. This is not difficult, since there is a wide gastronomic offer of more or less attractive restaurants, as well as quaint little pubs and food stands. The food here is simple and tasty. It is based on high quality local ingredients. There is a lot of chili, avocado, beef and seafood in the local cuisine. It is recommended to try the local Achiote sauce and the local margarita

Hotel ”cabanas”

While in Tulum, you may also be tempted to stay very stylishly. For this you can find small boutique hotels, which are called “cabanas”. They are characteristically embedded in the beauty of the local nature, hidden in the lagoon and among the gardens. Wooden, rustic furniture and beds suspended from the ceiling often await guests here.

Tulum National Park

However, Tulum is not only about sandy beaches and ruins of Mayan civilization, but also about natural beauty. It is protected within the Parque Nacional Tulum. The place is ideal for a walking tour that guarantees beautiful views combined with admiring the local animals. The only inconvenience is the scorching sun, so it is a good idea to get here as early as possible.

Photo by Joanna Szumska/Unsplash

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