Sports cars – what sets them apart?

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Sports cars are the undisputed kings of the road, everywhere they appear they arouse a lot of emotion and make an impression even on automotive laymen. Speed, power and outstanding performance are their hallmarks. Many fans of four wheels dream to become, at least for one day, the driver of a sports car and test its full capabilities. Let’s check out what distinguishes sports models from others and why they are so respected in the automotive world

Sports cars – characteristics

A characteristic feature of sports cars are their impressive performance and it is not just about the top speed or acceleration time to 100. Also important are the flexibility in individual gears and the overload that the vehicle generates in corners. It is the traction characteristics that determine how a car performs in these parameters. These include mechanical grip, which depends on the geometry of the suspension and the type of tires, and aerodynamic grip, which results from the force with which the car is pressed against the road. Sports cars are created for very fast driving, therefore no half measures are used in the development process, the goal is to create a robust machine with outstanding driving characteristics. Often, sports models are not very functional, do not provide a comfortable ride and are not suitable for everyday use, because everything is focused on the best possible performance, and this idea guides the designers

In the process of building such machines there are two schools of thought. The first focuses on creating a super-light vehicle, in which the ratio of power to weight is the most favorable. Equipment is usually limited to a minimum, and the achieved speed literally slams into the seat. Such cars include the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the Lotus Exige. In the second school, attention is focused on equipment to match the luxury limousine. These vehicles provide more comfort, but are distinguished by their high weight. The Porsche 911 Turbo or Nissan GT-R, for example, provide performance thanks to their powerful engines. The group of sports cars also includes rally models created for racing. They are most often enriched with a spoiler, which increases the car’s downforce on the ground, thus improving its performance. A sports car should be designed to take corners easily at all speeds, have a braking system capable of stopping a car at top speed, tires that increase grip and a lightweight, ergonomic body. All of these features allow you to fully exploit the car’s potential and also increase safety when driving at high speed

Sports cars for everyone

Legendary sports car models include Bugatti 16.4 Veyron, Lamborghini Veneo, LaFerrari or McLaren MP4-12C Spider. These cars are among the fastest in the world, which accelerate to 100 mph in less than 3 seconds and their top speed is over 350 km/h. These cars used to be reserved for a select few, but now anyone can try them out. Sports car rental is a place where automotive dreams come true. Just get acquainted with the offer, choose a car, book it and for one day become the driver of a sports car. This is not a cheap pleasure, but the adrenaline rush and unforgettable impressions are worth it

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