Permanent Lip Makeup – Everything You Need to Know

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Is it worth getting permanent lip makeup? Can it have a negative impact on our lives? This procedure is not cheap, but it can be very practical. Thanks to it you can enjoy perfect makeup for a long time without having to work every day. Here is some useful information

Why do women choose permanent makeup?

Despite its relatively high price, permanent makeup is gaining popularity. It is based on the possibilities that come with this technique. Women dream of beautiful, full and symmetrical lips. Treatments offered nowadays allow, to a limited extent, even improve their shape. First of all, however, it is about permanent colouring of lips in a particular color

Who in particular might like the idea of permanent makeup?

The first group of people who can greatly benefit from such a procedure are ladies with lips that are not plentiful enough and have poor blood circulation. In addition, it finds its admirers among ladies who want to look great for example at work, but don’t have enough time every day to put on new makeup

What does permanent makeup look like?

It must be preceded by proper preparation. Herpes of the lips is particularly dangerous, so it is recommended to take antiviral medications. An interview is also conducted in order to select the right type of makeup for the woman’s beauty. It is important that it is natural – remember that it will serve in different circumstances and must be quite versatile. The actual interview includes questions about the patient’s health to see if the procedure will be safe for her.

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There are several important steps that stand out during the procedure:

  • application of anesthetic ointment,
  • contouring of the mouth drawing,
  • consultation regarding the final appearance of the lips,
  • application of permanent dye.

How long does it take before permanent makeup is ready?

The duration of the procedure itself is usually no more than 2 hours. It is therefore not a long or complicated process. However, to maintain the effect, the pigment must be reapplied to the lips after 4 weeks. A few days after the first treatment, slight symptoms of peeling of the skin may appear. They should disappear on their own. This phenomenon is the reason for the need to supplement the dye after a few weeks

After the procedure it is recommended to take special care of the lips – it may not be very complicated but it is an interference in this delicate part of our body. Among other things, it is advised not to eat spicy food. What we eat should also not be too hot. We also use creams designed specifically for such situations. They are characterized by a wide spectrum of action. They prevent, among others, skin inflammation, bacterial infections and are designed to regenerate the lips

What can be the drawbacks of permanent makeup?

It is easy to meet with the opinion that such a procedure is painful. In practice, it is difficult to give a clear opinion on this subject. It depends mainly on individual susceptibility to pain. What for one person in this case is a painful procedure, in the case of another may cause only mild discomfort

The need to care for lips

Unfortunately, but after the permanent makeup procedure, we have to limit a number of habitual activities. Fortunately, it is only a matter of temporary resignation. This includes the use of the sauna, swimming pool or gym. It is assumed that the period of rest from these activities should last one month. You should also avoid tanning during this time. Sun exposure may cause problems with discoloration.

Contraindications to perform the procedure

Numerous diseases make it impossible to perform permanent lip makeup. These include, among others: diabetes, psoriasis, anemia, cancer and many others

How much does the treatment cost?

Prices vary. Among other things, the reputation of the salon is taken into account. Usually we are talking about the range from 800 to 1400 PLN

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