Timeless trench – how to wear it?

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Do you like classic clothes? This timeless trench should be a part of your closet. Check what styles go well with it!

Women’s trench – a timeless coat

Workout is a classic double-breasted coat, usually with 5 pairs of buttons. Usually has a characteristic wide belt with buckle and epaulettes (epaulettes).

This coat was developed for use by the British Army. The first trench was made in 1901 by Thomas Burberry and, because of its purpose, made of waterproof material. Originally designed for the military, these coats were longer than the ones we wear today – they originally reached our ankles, while today’s coats rarely go below our knees.

Why are they so popular?

The trench got its popularity from the movies. In the early 1940s, it was worn by American actor Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca”. In the 1960s, the trench became popular with women – Audrey Hepburn wore it during a kiss in the rain in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Bogart and Hepburn – celebrities of such stature wearing this coat cut… no wonder the trench has become so popular!

The beige trench – a timeless classic

As the trench is now made not only of waterproof materials, but also suede and even leather, the trench coat can be purchased in a variety of colors and even with a patterned print. Despite this multitude of colors, the most popular for many years remains the beige trench, which is considered by many as a classic.

When shopping for a coat, look for an oversize trench, which has a loose fit. Oversize trench is very comfortable and looks really good. Try it on before you buy another coat.

Women’s workout – how to wear it?

Wondering what to wear with a trench? This coat goes with almost every outfit. That’s its great advantage. Women’s trench goes with almost all clothes and shoes. Not only can you wear it with a classic outfit, but also with a more daring outfit

The trench is a great evening accessory for those chilly nights out and will look fabulous with stilettos. A workout as a complement to casual or even sporty outfits? Of course! Jeans, sneakers and a trench are not only glamorous but also very practical.

Women’s trench – the coat for special occasions

Although the trench is usually worn in spring and autumn, it is also suitable for cooler summer days. Many women also choose to wear trench coats on warmer winter days – designers have taken this trend on board and now you can find trench coats with detachable lining

Don’t have one of these, but would like to wear your favourite coat at the start of winter when temperatures are not so low? Try throwing a vest over your trench for a surprisingly fun look.

Many people wear trench coats with the belt tied, even though they have a belt with a buckle. This is a very interesting way of emphasizing the waistline more than with a buckle belt.

Trench is a classic model of coat – definitely worth having in your closet!

Main Photo: Nataliya Vaitkevich/pexels.com

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