How to choose the perfect evening dress? We suggest!

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An evening dress in our closet is like a jacket – you may not have the opportunity to wear it every day, but it’s worth having it. To make sure it fits you perfectly and is never passé, choose classic models. We will tell you how to choose such a creation, to look great and feel comfortable at the same time.

Evening dresses – how to choose?

In the case of evening dresses there is a very large number of models that delight with their patterns. The choice is not easy, so it is worth taking a look at their length and cut. Before you choose “the one”, check its individual elements.

1. Length

Evening dress is associated with maxi length models, which are further extended by a train. Of course, the current fashion allows you to wear dresses a little shorter. Much depends on your figure and the occasion for which you are buying a particular creation.

Maxi dresses are suitable for tall and slim women. Straight-cut bottom may slightly widen ladies with a pear or apple silhouette. They are also reserved for important occasions such as weddings or proms. If you do not want to attract attention, wear a slightly shorter model for a meeting with friends or a house party.

Long dresses can also make you look shorter, especially if you don’t like wearing high heels. They look quite serious unless you choose a non-standard model with asymmetrical bottom hem or a slit exposing your legs. Thanks to such elements, the creation is not only much more interesting, but above all light and very airy.

Short and flared evening dresses are more girly, but at the same time may emphasize the legs too much. Ladies with a slightly slimmer figure should choose midi length models. They subtly emphasize the legs, while hiding some flaws. Midi evening dresses are the most popular, because they work well with different types of figures and look great at different celebrations, such as communion or weddings.

2. Shade

Evening dresses can be found in many colors, but very often you will find quite standard creations in shades of black or beige. For an important occasion, you can also be tempted by slightly stronger and more feminine colors, including red or powder pink. They are very fashionable and feminine. Every season they appear among evening dresses, so one purchase will last you for many years.

For blondes will be perfect: emerald, blue, sapphire, red, powder pink, mint.

Brunettes, in turn, look great in dresses of silver color, bottle green, red, navy blue and black.

The most popular colors for brunettes are silver, bottle green, red, navy blue and black.

Black and red are the most universal. You will look chic in such an evening dress both at a concert and a wedding.

3. Cut

In the evening dress cut is very important, which emphasizes the figure and slenderize it. For women with a pear or apple shape the A-line works perfectly – a slightly flared bottom covers up too protruding belly (in the case of an apple) and wide hips (characteristic for the pear shape of the body). Additional pleats, slits or vertical seams can also hide body flaws.

Trapezoidal cut perfectly covers the flaws of the figure. It is also very light and airy. Evening dresses of this shape are also ideal for pregnant women.

Mermaid, with a tight skirt and flared at the ankle, is designed for women with an impeccable figure. It emphasizes the hips and gives them a feminine shape. It may make dancing and walking a bit difficult, so it’s better to choose it for an event that doesn’t require unrestricted movement.

4. Neckline

The neckline is also very important in an evening gown, and most people pay attention to it at the very beginning. V-neck and heart neckline perfectly emphasize breasts and slenderize. Creation with such a neckline is recommended for ladies who want to emphasize the shoulders and slenderize the neck.

Karo and built-in boat neckline are intended for ladies with smaller bust and narrow shoulders. Combined with a flared skirt and matching belt, they create a very feminine hourglass shape.

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