These places are worth visiting by yacht

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Traveling by yacht is breathtaking, especially if you go to the right place. In the following article, we look at regions of the world that offer amazing experiences for yachtsmen.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia consists of five major island groups, including Tahiti, a landscape of jagged volcanic peaks dotted with lush vegetation and spectacular waterfalls. The islands offer an enticing mix of beautiful lagoons, traditional culture and exotic marine life, with plenty of activities on land and sea. This is the place where stereotypical images of a tropical paradise originate. Scattered across the vast expanse of the South Pacific, the islands stretch over 1,250 kilometers, an area the size of Western Europe. There are many options for islands to base your trip on, including Raiatea, the perfect base for an unforgettable Tahiti sailing adventure as you explore the Society Islands, which include Tahiti as well as Moorea, Bora-Bora, Tahaa, and Raiatea.

Newport, Rhode Island

New England offers all kinds of great sights, but Newport is certainly one of the best as one of America’s premier sailing centers. After all, it’s known as the “sailing capital of the world” and was home to the America’s Cup for half a century, with some of its winners offering to charter a cruise. The picturesque city attracts sailors from around the world with its beautiful beaches and New England charm. Newport’s third beach is the best when it comes to easy access to offshore sailing, easy launching and the ability to park your boat nearby. It is also the home of the legendary New England Laser Masters regatta. While you’re here, don’t miss a tour of the Newport Mansion, as well as the harbor and Narragansett Bay.

The Grenadines

The Grenadines, a chain of 32 picturesque islands scattered across 100 kilometers of the southern Caribbean in the West Indies, offer the perfect blend of extraordinary landscapes, culture, abundant marine life, friendly people and pristine white sand beaches. Known as one of the world’s greatest cruising grounds, you’ll find ideal conditions and a lack of crowds, making it one of the best places for a vacation on the water. Bequia in particular has been a favorite destination for sailors for centuries. If you want to take advantage of services such as yacht charters, you’ll find plenty of options in Port Elizabeth, as well as scheduled and private boat trips. There are also several options for crewed and bareboat sailing, from simply equipped and inexpensive to expensive and luxurious. This is one of the best places in the Caribbean if you want to escape the crowds.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Catalina Island, California

Catalina Island, located just 35 kilometers southwest of Los Angeles, is a boater’s paradise. Divers, sailors, and all other visitors love it for its proximity to the mainland, while still feeling like you’re away from the chaos of the city. The clear waters off the island are full of marine life, as well as sunken ships and even a plane wreck. For those who prefer to stay on the water or enjoy both options, you’ll find a variety of ways to do so, from glass-bottom boats and charter yachts to open-ocean rafting, sailboats and more. You’ll also discover a great sailing scene at Two Harbours, a small village with many bays that provide moorings and anchorages.

Galapagos Islands

This famous but tiny archipelago of islands in the eastern Pacific is remote, though it attracts people from all over the world to see its legendary abundance of rare wildlife, from blue-footed silversides and giant tortoises to penguins and sea lions. Demand for moorings here is high, making the trip the best way to explore the 19 islands while advancing Darwin’s theory of evolution. For a one-of-a-kind experience, arrive and take a week-long cruise while living aboard a boat. Snorkel during the day as you navigate the volcanic archipelago, occasionally stepping ashore to play among the astounding wildlife.


Sometimes referred to as the “New Riviera”, Croatia is increasingly becoming a must-visit destination for all types of tourists. There is no better way to spend your vacation than on the crystalline Adriatic Sea, where the sun almost always shines without clouds or rainfall. There are plenty of coastlines to explore, including a virtually endless number of paint-perfect beaches, lush green slopes and some of the most charming towns in all of Europe. The most popular mooring is the island of Hvar, full of sailors. Be sure to explore hidden coves, traditional fishing villages and remote island groups such as Elafiti and Kornati.

Photo Lux Charters/Unsplash

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