The perfect spring coat – what to look for when buying?

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This spring without a fashionable coat is not a move! If you previously wore it only in classic or business style, it is high time to change that. Now you can wear it with pumps, stilettos, and even sneakers. There is one “but”. Not every cut and color will emphasize your sense of taste this spring. There are some nuances you should know before you get yourself a new coat!

The perfect cut

Simple, tailored to the figure overcoat this spring can be replaced without hesitation with an oversize model with a slightly “masculine” character. Give up striving for perfect balance and seriousness. This season we welcome wide cuts, unusual cuts of sleeves and collars. Pay attention to double-breasted models and variants without buttons. If you want to hide some shortcomings of your figure, consider buying a coat with an asymmetrical cut.

Ideal length

In spring, the best choice will be a midi length coat, reaching to the knee area. If you are thinking between a very short model and an overcoat reaching the ground, it is better to choose the latter option, due to its greater functionality. You can wear any dress, pants or even a mini-skirt under a long coat without worrying about getting cold. Wondering about shoes? It is a matter of taste. We recommend wearing sneakers or boots with thick soles.

The perfect color

Calm and pastel shades are always at the forefront. Gray coats go very well with pinks, blues, light greens, beige and coffee shades. But don’t feel constrained in your choice of color. In 2022, feel free to try on models in deep navy blue or maroon, and if you feel like going a little crazy, parade around the city in a lively yellow, green or red coat. Just remember that light colors optically add several centimeters, and dark ones slim you down. If you decide on a coat in a bright color, remember to balance it out with clothes in muted colors.

The perfect pattern

In spring, a coat in a uniform color works well. Exceptions are the universal check, as well as two-colored models. If you are interested in a patchwork coat, try to make sure that its shades are not too far apart. Choose a plaid coat according to your figure type, remembering that a large number of rectangles strongly broadens the silhouette. If you are not a slim person and you have a weakness for checkered clothes, choose a diagonally placed check. This pattern makes you slimmer and adds a few centimeters of height.

The perfect material

The material of your coat depends on how often you plan to wear it. If you wear it every day, you should choose a fabric that is resistant to abrasion and wear. The most reliable materials are wool, cashmere and cotton, although the latter creases quite a lot. If you buy a cotton coat, it would be good to find a blend of polyester in it. The higher the percentage of natural fabrics, the stronger and more practical the product.

Be sure to complete your spring closet with a stylish coat. And if you have the opportunity, get yourself two models – one in a bright, and the other in a subdued color. Be ready for any occasion!

main photo: Obymaha

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