Practical accessories for elegant interiors

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Decorating a house or an apartment is both fun and a challenge. Classic, elegant interiors are a great and very versatile solution for people who love simplicity, and for those not yet fully decided in the subject of decor. Neutral base and background is one thing, but what accessories to choose for an elegant interior, to be practical and blend well with the environment? We suggest!

Lamps and lighting

A very practical decoration in elegant interiors, for example in glamour style, can be lamps and chandeliers. A beautiful, richly ornamented with crystals chandelier on the ceiling will surely catch the eyes of guests. On the other hand, standing lamps with delicate, classic lampshades on both sides of the sofa are perfect for English and French style rooms

The light itself can also serve as a decoration. Led lighting in cabinets, shelves and display cases will create a beautiful effect in any interior. LED tapes stuck in such places add elegance and make the whole decor becomes more sophisticated

Window covers

In the classic style, the most common choice for covering the windows are curtains and drapes. Indeed, this solution wonderfully fits into the elegant decor, textiles on the windows can be an accent color or determine the theme of the room. Curtains, however, have one major drawback – they take up a lot of space in the room. Extending at least a few centimeters beyond the window sill rails or curtain rods for the curtains shorten the room by about 30-40 cm, thus reducing its area

For small apartments a much better choice will be the day-night blinds, which adhere to the window frame and do not even block the window sills. Thanks to this, you can place, for example, plants or other decorations on the window, which will diversify the decor of the room.

Blankets and throws

Nothing warms up a room and adds elegance to it like soft, luxurious-looking blankets and throws on the couch. A living room that doesn’t lack textiles is always more cozy and inviting. In elegant decor, bright couches and armchairs are a very common choice, which unfortunately is not very practical. Bright furniture gets dirty quickly and loses its charm. With protection in the form of blankets, throws and pillows, the couch will wear out or get dirty less and more slowly, and such textiles are easy to wash regularly


An accessory that always adds class and a sense of luxury to an interior is carpets. This way works great because textile accessories have a natural elegance about them. Braided, patterned rugs will adorn the floors of French and glamour living rooms wonderfully, while a fluffy shaggy style rug will fit well in vintage interiors.


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