Designer accessories for the living room

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Do you dream of a cozy space where you feel comfortable? When you want to change something – bet on accessories! Properly placed will enliven your apartment and give it character. We spend most time during the day in the living room, so we will focus on making it represent your home!

Any time to refresh the interior is a good time. A breath of fresh air will certainly have a positive effect on your household members. Some solutions are within your reach and require little effort. But remember to do everything right. Too many additions can bring chaos to the room

Spatial illusion

Are you the owner of a small living room? Do not worry, there are ways to enlarge it thanks to optical illusion. A great solution is to place a large mirror in the living room. If you have the possibility, place it under the window – you will be amazed by the effect. The room will seem at least twice as big. If the layout of the walls allows you to such a maneuver – do not limit yourself to one mirror. You can decorate the entire wall with them and create an interesting composition. Not only mirrors work great in optically enlarging the space. Such material is also glass. Glass inserts in doors or frame surrounds are a hit.

The devil is in the details

Take a look around your home. Do you think that you cannot change anything? You can’t. The devil is in the details. Take care of the little things that go unnoticed. Do you have cushions on your sofa? If not, you’ll love the unusual flower-shaped ones. Speaking of flowers, you’ll find glass pots to display plant roots. A combination of these pots and different kinds of flowers will definitely liven up your space. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Tall, unobvious flower stands are very popular and will be perfect not only for a windowsill.

Do you have lots of family photos? This is the time to highlight them. You can find many frames in stores that will delight you, and family photos will create a warm atmosphere. You don’t have to limit yourself to putting them on your dresser. You can also hang them on the wall

Figures cast from plaster are becoming more and more common. Although they do not imitate marble, they add an artistic touch to the interior. You can find them in various sizes. The most admired are those in the size of 170-180 cm. Do you have friends with artists? Support their work! Hand painted pictures will always be better perceived than posters. Take into account that an artist can also create a small masterpiece on your living room wall.

Examples of accessories for your living room:

  • candle holders with unusual shapes and colors,
  • modern posters to hang on the wall,
  • rugs made of different fabrics,
  • lamps made in a modernist style,
  • ceramic vases with marine or floral motifs,
  • metal hanging decorations with crystal embellishments,
  • cart, which will be a great place to store wine glasses and alcohol.

It is important not to combine all styles with each other at the same time. Metal will go well with glass and mirrors. Wood will also work great. Try not to combine youthful posters with sculptures from ancient Greece or pillows in boho style. Accessories are supposed to make the living room a cohesive space, not a repository of random ornaments. When you have no idea how to creatively arrange the space – bet on flowers. Follow your instinct and it will surely not disappoint you.

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