IPad accessories – three essentials

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Have you bought your first iPad and don’t know what to buy for it? Wondering which add-ons are functional? Below we point out some interesting gadgets.

There are many accessories on the market that help in the daily use of the iPad. Users like to reach for: styluses, keyboards, tempered glass. Among other things, because they make it more pleasant for customers to use the equipment. We will focus on three proposals, which with their functionality improve the quality of use of Apple equipment.

Tempered glass

First of all, you should take care of protecting your equipment from the outside. If the iPad has a tempered glass, its screen is better protected against scratches and cracks. The best type will be 9H, the highest offered on the market. This product protects the tablet from mechanical damage. Mounting the protection may take some time, but it is not complicated and anyone can do it. The installed protection still saturates the image and offers brilliant colors, and not as in the case of films – distorts the view to a rough texture, which on hot days gives an average effect, because you can not see the screen accurately. You can find examples of good quality tempered glass offers in one of the online stores at https://etuitab.pl/szkla-hartowane.

photo by Marek Levak/Pexels


Tablet is not only for entertainment, but also for work, so it is important to use the device efficiently. The touch screen function is important, but keep in mind that it is also easier to have a keyboard connected. Thanks to it, you can perform tasks much faster using keyboard shortcuts. When choosing, opt for a model that is not slippery, noisy and gives great comfort of use.

Why this particular accessory? First of all, thanks to it you can easily create your own laptop from your iPad. The keyboard in conjunction with the case can serve as a stand, making it easier to use. An additional advantage are backlit keys that make it easier to work in the evening or at night. Examples of modern devices of this type can be found at https://etuitab.pl/klawiatury-do-tabletow.

Apple Pencil

The stylus is something that should be included in the accessory (among other things: tempered glass, charger, case). It is an irreplaceable help if you create graphics, sketches or images in your daily work. Pay attention to whether it fits well in your hand, does not slip or irritate the skin during prolonged use. The hardware can be compared to a mouse on a laptop. Apple Pencil is more comfortable and is more accurate than the movement of our hand. The gadget is distinguished by such advantages as pressure and tilt sensitivity, low latency (only 9 ms), high precision. A very useful feature in the stylus are gestures. Pressing twice results in a quick and instantaneous switch between applications such as the pen tool and eraser. A key advantage is that the device is compatible with all programs offered by Apple, as well as others that offer writing, drawing and sketching. You don’t have to worry about a program not working with the stylus. The developers have taken care of full synchronization.

The three gadgets discussed above will help you in the daily use of your tablet. Remember to choose good quality products from reputable manufacturers – then you can be sure that you will be able to successfully use the purchased items for a long time. These accessories are offered by specialized stores, such as etuitab.pl, where you will find a number of modern indispensable items, which will diversify and protect your equipment.

Photo by Leone Venter/Unsplash

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