Practical and elegant garden equipment

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The garden, like any other space, requires appropriate arrangement. What should be done to make it look elegant and functional?

Regardless of the size, the garden should meet a number of criteria that affect its appearance. First of all, think about how it can blend in with the house around which it spreads. After all, it is one of its business cards.

Planning the space

Before you start planning what should be in the garden, think about how you want to spend your time in it – whether you will focus solely on tending to the plants or whether you prefer to have primarily a place to relax. If you want to do gardening, you need to know which areas get more sun and where you can plant plants that need shade. And for the relaxation area, consider whether you prefer to have it, for example, in the central part of the garden or close to the house.

Photo: Skylar Kang/Pexels

Luxurious furnishings

Once you know where you want to create a relaxation area, the next step is to choose furniture. If you want consistency, choose models that belong to the same set. Exclusive garden furniture is distinguished by being made of high-quality materials. Choose those that have an aluminium frame. Teak wood may also be a good option – it looks elegant, and if properly treated, will last for many years

Remember to make sure that the table and chairs are made in the same style, color, and are matched in size. In elegant gardens, solid furniture that holds firmly to the ground looks much better. An interesting solution may be a wooden table with a glass top.

Comfortable cushions should be placed on chairs, providing not only greater comfort, but also giving the whole arrangement a modern character. An alternative solution for standing models can be hanging armchairs – they will be great for smaller gardens, where there’s no possibility to install, for example, a hammock or a swing.

If you have a large area, you can fill the space not only with classic furniture, but also modern loungers made of high-quality solid eucalyptus wood.

Pay attention to accessories

What will give your garden space an elegant touch are the decorations. The most common are wicker mats Manufacturer of this type of accessories offers them in any height. They look not only stylish, but are also functional – they protect against dust, wind and even dampen noise. With their help you can also cover trees and other plants or decorate the garden fence.

You can also buy metal brackets if you want to install shelves on the garden wall. Hanging flowerbeds made of wood or metal can also be an interesting and effective solution depending on the style of your furniture.

Decorate your garden with paving stones for pathways. Try to arrange them in sophisticated shapes or choose variants with ready-made patterns. Concrete planters will complete the look.

Additional equipment

Elegant gardens are not only about exclusive furniture and lush greenery. It is also important to have equipment that will make time spent in this space even more enjoyable. If you want the area around the house to also serve as a place for barbecue, for example, you should buy a good quality grill. The best are gas models from Koler.

Appropriate lighting

No garden will not look impressive without matching lamps. With the help of lighting you will not only set a special mood in the garden, but also highlight its equipment. You can place spheres or medium-height standing lamps on the lawn, while hanging models such as lanterns will work better near the table or chairs.

Photo Collov Home Design/Unsplash

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