Garden Jacuzzi – which one to choose?

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Lounging in a Jacuzzi is a pleasant moment, but it’s even more enjoyable to soak in an outdoor bubble bath. Installed on a terrace or in the middle of a garden, a hot tub provides numerous benefits for the body and spirit. Which model to choose? What functions does it have and how much does it cost? All this you will learn by reading the following article.

Jacuzzi garden – why should you have one?

For several years, the popularity of pools with water massage is constantly growing, Poles are increasingly willing to buy a Jacuzzi. And there is no wonder. It is a device that comprehensively cares for our well-being. In a whirlpool we lose some of our weight, which alleviates numerous ailments. Hydromassage brings many benefits: it relieves muscle pain, stimulates blood circulation, improves digestion, facilitates falling asleep, causes the secretion of endorphins. The list does not end there.

However, beyond the numerous health benefits, a garden hot tub is first and foremost a place of relaxation that needs to be properly landscaped. By installing your hot tub at the end of your terrace or in the midst of garden greenery, you can achieve the maximum level of relaxation.

Depending on your space and budget, you can choose between an inflatable, or portable, garden hot tub and a year-round, or stationary, hot tub. Instead of spending money on spa weekends, it’s better to invest in a garden hot tub and indulge in bubble massages on a regular basis.

How to choose your garden jacuzzi?

First of all, you need to design your backyard spa, determine the requirements you want your garden tub to meet. How much space can you spare to install such equipment? And above all, what budget can you allocate for it? You need to know that the cost of home spa varies greatly – an inflatable bathtub is an expense of 2-3 thousand zlotys, while a luxury year-round Jacuzzi made of concrete will be 50 times more expensive. The cost of the project is affected by many factors, such as the size of the basin and the material from which it is made, as well as installation conditions.

You also need to answer the question of what you expect from your hot tub. How many people (2, 4, 6) should it accommodate? What should be the power of the pumps and the number of jets? Do you want it to be illuminated, enhanced with aroma- and chromotherapy options? You also need to take into account such factors as installation conditions and the appearance of the model.

What is the cost of a garden Jacuzzi?

Portable garden Jacuzzi is the most affordable option for a pool with water massage. For as little as 2 thousand zlotys, you can get yourself a 4-person Jacuzzi with basic features. Its price will increase depending on the finish and additional options. An inflatable Jacuzzi is safer (you have to really try to fall in) and has the advantage that it can be folded or moved to another place at any time. In any case, it should not be buried in the ground, because all the technical elements are built into the walls of the Jacuzzi. More aesthetically pleasing, but also much more expensive, a stationary Jacuzzi is permanently installed. The cost of buying a year-round Jacuzzi depends on the function, available options and construction material (acrylic, wood, stone, concrete). Depending on these parameters you have to reckon with the expense of 15 to even 90 thousand zlotys.

Where to install a garden Jacuzzi?

The choice of location for your Jacuzzi is fundamental. It should have easy access and at the same time provide privacy. It is you who must decide on the best place to relax. Just make sure that your spa is away from trees (to avoid leaves in the water basin) and is not exposed to prolonged sunlight. Although an inflatable Jacuzzi does not require advanced installation work, but it must stand on a level and flat area and have access to electricity and water. For the installation of stationary models, in addition to electricity and water intake will need a sewer drain.

Photo Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

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