Parisian chic – what is the secret of French women’s style?

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The French are a nation that is famous for its excellent sense of style, which women from all over the world try to emulate. French fashion has fascinated the entire world since the 18th century, and although fashion has changed considerably, the basic elements of Parisian style have remained the same. France, and more specifically Paris, are synonymous with French women parading down the street in large trench coats, leather boots and with a baguette tucked under their arm

Simplicity is key

“Before you leave the house, take off one thing.” – coco Chanel used to say and (who if not her) was absolutely right, because in the era of excessive consumerism we wear too much. As a result, we are laden with accessories like Christmas trees decorated for Christmas. Take the example of Parisian women and keep it simple when it comes to wearing jewelry and do not wear more than three delicate elements. Opt for one statement piece such as a scarf, hat or a great pair of shoes

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Don’t follow trends by force

Many women follow the trends and fashions inspired by Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner without bothering to wear skinny jeans with short tops or bodycon dresses. These styles are not only kitschy, but they also don’t enhance your figure. To avoid this, wear A-line dresses and combine jeans with long, loose-fitting coats. If you want to emphasize your figure, wear a tight, well-cut pencil skirt and pair it with a loose top to maintain your proportions.

Hide the label

Many people love fashionable shoes and handbags from famous companies and designers. They are very popular in the fashion world. Nike shoes, handbag from Chanel and other accessories are usually desirable. However, wearing clothes with the brand name too prominent is neither stylish nor tasteful, so hide the labels. Get creative and use the things you already have in your closet. Instead, skip flashy lettering and logos. Less is more

Mix chic with casual

Wearing jeans and jeweled sandals rather than sneakers, a pencil skirt with ballerinas rather than heels, a tuxedo jacket and sneakers rather than femme fatale stilettos is a good strategy. The key to achieving Parisian style is sophistication combined with imperfection. Always add an elegant element to a casual outfit or vice versa. This is what true Parisian style is all about – unforced ease and elegance

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Wear your uniform

Every Parisian celebrity has their own tried and tested classic look, which they wear often. They always wear what they like and know exactly what to mix and match to look good and feel comfortable. They do not try to change it and do not follow trends. Therefore, complete your “uniform” and wear it like them, and you will always look fashionable. However, don’t let your outfit make you boring and predictable. To this end, introduce an element of surprise into your style and sometimes wear stilettos instead of flat shoes or a parka instead of a coat.

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The secret is in you

French style is more about the way you put clothes together, how you move – the little things that matter. With French women, you see the woman first and then the clothes. Start perfecting your posture so you feel confident everywhere you go and smile often. Remember – the secret is in you

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