Stylish dining room – how to arrange it?

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Nowadays, the dining room is not just a place for quick meals. It is also the heart of the home, because it is at the table where we spend most of our time. It is where we receive guests and meet with the family. So it is worth taking care of an elegant and functional look of the dining room. We invite you for a handful of ideas!

A separate dining room is a perfect option for people, who often have guests at their place and who care about the ceremonial atmosphere of meals and parties. And also for those, who value everyday meals with family.

Finishing and color of the dining room

The dining room is one of the living areas, so there are no restrictions in the choice of finishing materials. Exceptions are dining rooms connected to a small kitchen. The proximity of a wet area then limits our choice to ceramic tiles and thick vinyl wallpapers on interlining.

The finish depends on the color palette chosen and the style we want to keep our dining room in. In a separate dining room, walls maintained in the same tone are effective. The distribution of accents is better done with the help of decorations and furniture. Most often, the table stands in the middle of the room, which already separates the dining space.

To separate rooms that are connected into one whole, reach for different textures and colors. You can separate the dining zone with wallpapers, decorative brick, stucco or wooden lining. A table on the background of such a wall will look original.


Another element, which will emphasize the division of the interior, is lighting. With its help you can also optically enlarge the space, play with colors and expose attractive details.

The light in the dining room should be soft and slightly dimmed. Lamps of 50 watts are sufficient.

It is best if you install the lighting right above the dining table. Interior designers advise to place the lamp at 170cm from the floor or 70cm from the table. Keeping such distance, you can be sure that the light will not disturb you and will shine straight into your eyes. If you are building a detached house, make sure that the dining room has access to natural lighting.

Dining room furniture

No one probably needs to explain that the central piece of furniture in the dining room is the table, to which we match chairs. The most common variants are round and long rectangular tables. Such models are most often chosen by owners of detached houses. In small dining rooms, oval and corner tables work better. There are also semicircular models with one straight edge, which is attached to the wall.

In a kitchen connected with a dining room it is worth considering an island or peninsula, a bar as an extension of the kitchen worktop or instead of a windowsill.

Dining room furniture can be made of classic wood. Lovers of modernity in home arrangements can also use glass and less elegant plastic. The exclusive look of the dining room will certainly provide a table with a top of stone, for example, marble.

An extending table is a good solution if your family is large or if you often receive guests. If space allows, a folding table is best placed in the center of the room. Thanks to this all guests will have free access to their place. In a small kitchen a place by the window is a good solution.

Dining chairs are not only a functional piece of furniture, but also a decoration. If the dining room is large enough, you can choose massive chairs with armrests or armchairs. A bench and ottomans will also add elegance to the dining room.

In a small dining room, the chairs must be light and handy. A corner set with chairs will work well in a small kitchen. You can also put a bench on one side of the table and chairs on the other. You don’t have to organize a niche right away, you can put high shelves or closets on both sides.

Also, do not forget about the advantages of such furniture as a console and buffet. You can store dishes, table textiles and cutlery in them. Most often this kind of furniture is found in separate dining rooms in single-family houses.


The dining room, too, can please your household members and guests with its original design. Harmony of textures and colors, beautiful textiles and unusual form of furniture have a raison d’être also in this zone.

One decorative element to use in the dining room are textiles, such as curtains arranged in soft waves and small cushions on chairs. A fashionable table setting will be a runner routed through the center of the table. A carpet, which can also be used to optically separate the kitchen from the dining area, will add variety to the look of the dining room.

Lighting is also a decorative element. Depending on the style of interior choose crystal or metal, vivid colors and original shapes. Floor lamps will also be an addition, which will give warmth and charm to the dining room.

The dining room is also the best place to display your collection. On an open shelf you can arrange your wine collection, and in a serviette you can set out trinkets. In a single-family home, you can place a grand piano or a standing pendulum clock.

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