Luxury honeymoon – where to go?

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Honeymoon is an important moment in the life of the bride and groom, because as some say “it is the best time to relax”. In order to experience unforgettable moments, you need to find the right place for it. Here are the best suggestions for your honeymoon

Dream place

Everyone has a different vision of the perfect place. Some identify it with the idea of luxury – an exclusive hotel, a gentle massage, a trip in a dream car. Still others dream of a vacation on a deserted island or in a small wooden cabin hidden among the trees. But we have chosen a few places that will delight everyone

Where to go on your honeymoon?

To experience unforgettable moments, you should carefully plan your honeymoon trip. This is a great opportunity to enjoy your chosen one surrounded by beautiful landscapes

Polynesian Islands

Known as a paradise destination, Polynesia is a great option for a honeymoon. It is full of paradise beaches with pleasant temperatures and rich culture. French Polynesia consists of over a hundred islands in five different archipelagos. There you will find a good selection of exclusive hotels for a romantic stay


Tropical climate and sandy beaches are the hallmarks of Mauritius. The natural attractions of this island, such as the famous Trou aux Cerfs crater, are beautiful places to visit. The other advantage of Mauritius is the access to diverse, sophisticated cuisine that will provide paradise to your palate

Costa Rica

Blessed with lush vegetation, with numerous national parks such as Isla del Coco National Park and Guanacaste National Park. Costa Rica is the perfect destination for a successful and luxurious honeymoon. This Central American country offers many stunning beaches such as playa Samara and playa Santa Teresa

In the Maldives

A romantic trip to the Maldives will allow you to experience some of the most beautiful views in the world. The beaches in the Maldives are the perfect place for a young couple and provide a romantic atmosphere

Reunion Island

If you are looking for an exclusive honeymoon idea, Reunion Island will meet your expectations. It is a beautiful location that is sure to delight all nature and hiking enthusiasts. This land is famous for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And that is not all. Reunion Island also impresses with its beautiful beaches lying at the foot of black volcanic cliffs and numerous waterfalls. If you decide to take your honeymoon to Reunion, you will definitely come back from it relaxed and happy.

California Wine Trail

California is the perfect place for wine lovers and beautiful sunny landscapes. The California Wine Trail will allow you to explore different flavors of wine and enjoy beautiful views. You will discover the northern areas of San Francisco, more specifically the heart of the two valleys of Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley.

How much does a luxury honeymoon cost?

To prepare for this unique and one-of-a-kind trip, you need to set a budget beforehand. The cost will depend on the destination. For a stay of two to three weeks with quality services, the cost of such a trip is around 10-15 thousand per person

Tips to reduce the cost of your honeymoon trip

Honeymoon is one of the most important trips in a couple’s life. Therefore, its proper preparation is very important. How to reduce the price of such a trip?

To reduce the expenses, you need to look for cheaper accommodation options and also consider different transportation options.

It is also worth mentioning that not all seasons are suitable for a honeymoon. Before planning your honeymoon, make sure to check the weather forecast for your new destination. It is best to contact a travel agent to find out when is the best time to leave.

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