The modern concierge – a specialist in unusual tasks

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The concierge, or concierge, answers guest inquiries, redirects phone calls, coordinates itineraries and more. Must support the company culture while showing guests that they are welcome and valued. Typically works in the hospitality industry, but is also increasingly finding employment in private hospitals, real estate agencies and office buildings

What are the responsibilities of a concierge?

A concierge cares about quality customer service, so he or she should have excellent communication skills. He or she pays attention to detail, listens attentively and can anticipate someone’s needs so as to provide a great customer experience

Responds to phone and email inquiries punctually and respectfully. Can recommend the best restaurants to guests. Many times helps them arrange transportation and excursions. Checks that guest rooms and lobbies are clean and orderly. Receives and redirects mail, phone calls, packages, etc. Acts as a liaison between customers and each department of the company

What skills should a concierge have?

If you are thinking about working in this profession, then you need to know what is required of a concierge. A good concierge should:

  • have excellent customer service skills – talking to people and helping them is an integral part of this profession, so the concierge should be pleasant and sociable;
  • inspire confidence;
  • have experience in customer service;
  • have a positive attitude towards life;
  • have excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • make every guest feel important;
  • be able to operate basic office equipment including printers, scanners and photocopiers;
  • demonstrate first-rate organizational skills and attention to detail;
  • enjoy working as part of a team
  • be familiar with foreign languages
  • be proficient in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Outlook and Excel;
  • be willing to work irregular hours, weekends and holidays.

Where can you find work in the profession?

All reputable hotels, cruise ships, casinos and resorts employ a cordial, operational concierge. He represents the values of the company and its approach to the customer and knows how to find attractions and interesting places for guests

The origins of this profession date back to the Middle Ages. French nobles left the care of their castles and guests in the hands of a talented, experienced servant. What modern concierges do depends largely on the type of facility where they are employed. This is because the needs of the clients or guests of these facilities can vary. Consequently, the duties of those working in a hotel may be slightly different from those of those employed on a cruise ship, casino, resort, corporation or private estate.

However, there are certain duties that are common to all concierges. First of all, they respond to customers’ needs: they communicate with them by phone, email or online. They try to remedy difficulties and problems that clients have encountered. They also inform about how to use the services offered by the facility. They will show you the easiest and fastest way to get to the place on foot, by cab, public transportation or private vehicle

The concierge can also help with making appointments, travel arrangements, or booking tickets to sporting or cultural events

What are the people like in this position?

People in this position tend to be entrepreneurial and sociable. They naturally take on a leadership role within a team because of their ability to influence others. They also have a flair for persuasion and are not afraid to interact. Importantly, they get along well with strangers. If you have these qualities, you are most likely suited to be a concierge.

Why use this type of service?

Using a concierge service can save you some money: he will tell you how to get to the airport cheaply and point out restaurants that offer happy hours. He will also suggest free attractions and advise you how to choose a cab at an attractive price. Additionally, he will recommend the best fitness facilities, buy tickets for you and take care of your safety.

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