Mirror as a stylish addition to the living room. Which one to choose?

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Mirror in the living room is a patent used not from today. Optically enlarges the room, decorates the interior, reflects light and makes the living room is brighter.

Mirror in the living room is an interior trend that returns after years of infamy and synonymous with old-fashioned. A mirror does not have to be an element of a heavy, wooden set in a style out of this era. We suggest how to create a fashionable and functional arrangement that will fit into the current trends.

Functions of a mirror in the living room

Mirror in the living room is primarily a decoration. Choosing a mirror for this room, we can opt for a decorative model, framed in a decorative frame, or even illuminated. Hung alone on the wall or as a collage of smaller mirrors will be a decorative-picture.

Mirror optically adds space. It makes the room seems to be larger than it really is. Multiplied image and depth make the interior more spacious. Mirror reflects not only what is located vis a vis him, such as decorative wallpaper, nice furniture or decorations. Mirror also reflects the light – both natural, daylight, as well as artificial light of lamps and candles. Thanks to this in the living room becomes brighter.

Mirror leaning against the wall

An extremely fashionable interior trend is the use of large, standing mirrors in the living room. We can opt for a model on legs or leaning against the wall. Mirror is good to protect against displacement and breakage, for example by installing invisible hooks and lashings. In this way we can be sure that the mirror is stably seated and will not hurt the household members.

Mirror over the dresser

Mirror to the living room hung above the dresser is a classic. It does not necessarily have to be a boring and heavy decoration. Among the trends for 2021 we will find round, light, but decorative mirrors. Such a mirror will be a subtle complement and highlight the character of the living room. At the same time, it will not constitute a dominant point in the room.

Mirror work of art in the living room

Mirror to the living room does not have to have traditional geometric shapes. Equally well we can bet on an intriguing mosaic or finely cut patterns. Such a collage will be a unique decoration referring to modern art. It does not require from us large financial outlays. Just an idea, a sharp knife for wallpaper and a thin mirror on self-adhesive fabric.

Mirrors for loft living room

Another inspiration is a wall in the living room completely covered with mirrors. Such a solution is expensive and bold. However, the effect is worth its price. A drawback is certainly keeping the wall of mirrors clean. Fingerprints, dust and smudges are something we definitely don’t want to see on it.

Large mirrors are paradoxically great for lofts. Wide and high walls are a fantastic space to display both simple and unusual mirrors. In the loft will look beautiful mirror in the style of glamour. Massive, richly decorated, finished with crystals – each of them will find its place here.

In the interiors of glamour and pinup we can use mirrors with additional lighting in the form of light bulbs. Illuminated mirrors are a typical solution in bathrooms. More and more interior designers move them also to the living room. By illuminating the living room mirror we get another source of subtle light. We can use them to create an intimate atmosphere for a date or to watch movies together.

Main photo: Max Vakhtbovych/Pexels

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