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Finishing a living room is often an incredibly creative process that resembles a painter’s work and the last brush strokes on an almost finished painting

We want to feel comfortable in the living room, and at the same time we require that its elegance and artistic flair aroused admiration of our guests. However, how to catch up with the multitude of options, which thanks to the Internet are open to us? We have prepared for you some of the best proposals that will make this task easier and will make you choose the last accessories with pleasure.

Delight in the refined atmosphere of the Polish magnates

If you prefer furniture and accessories made in bronze, go back several centuries. This will allow you to recreate the palace atmosphere, which was enjoyed by connoisseurs of art and great magnates. Bronze used in the interior will evoke the atmosphere of luxury, emphasize its value and good taste of the owner of the house. First of all, look for suitable tiles. Manufacturers offer a large selection – from online stores to private craftsmen. Such tiles often have carved beautiful ornaments and richly marked edges, which will further add detail to your interior. You can also choose to buy a single piece of furniture made in bronze, an armchair or a table that you place in a central place will look good. This noble metal should be combined with equally exquisite materials, such as high-quality wood (mahogany, rosewood, possibly oak), stone (marble, granite), high-quality fabrics (cashmere, silk). That is why it is worth choosing appropriate curtains and carpets for our armchair. Emphasize the whole with accessories made in artistic casting method – such as candelabra or elements of tableware. It is worth betting on one style. In the times of Polish aristocracy, interiors inspired by Byzantium and Arabic climates were very fashionable. Hanging a large mirror in the central place of the room, preferably on an empty wall, is the simplest way to add volume and glamour to the space. This treatment was commonly used in palace chambers and ballrooms. Choose for this purpose an artfully crafted bronze sun mirror, extremely appreciated by decorators in past seasons, will beautifully finish the whole arrangement.

On the Parisian salons march!

If we are inspired by history, then by all of it. The history of the upper classes is strewn with exquisite, luxurious furnishings. Be inspired by the French style and decorate your interior with furniture from the times of Louis XVI. At the flea market you will find upholstered armchairs in satin and velvet with turned cabriole legs, a dressing table with inlaid carvings in Baroque style or consoles intricately finished with chiseled gilding. Look for furniture finishes such as marble, ivory, tortoiseshell or veneer (such finishes are called marquetry, a characteristic technique of decorating in the art industry). Match it with Rococo vases with shell details and gilded frames with paintings by old masters. Elegance and sophistication will also be added to your interior by placing sculptures and pedestals modeled on antique ones. French style focuses on decorativeness and subtle blending of artistically designed forms with emphasis on the sophistication of the moment for which they were created

The weirder the design, the better

Bet on unusual, artistic forms that will give flavor to the designed space. Art déco style furniture and cubist decor elements will be perfect here. This style from the beginning of the 20th century will seduce you with its clean geometric lines, contrasting details and expensive, original items from famous designers. One of such additions is the Rachele armchair with copper inserts from renowned Italian designer Samuele Mazza. This armchair will delight you with its soft leather upholstery and smoothness of designed lines. Also worthy of interest are designs from Jean Dunand, a famous French decorator who was a leading creator of the art déco style. Furniture from this designer can reach dizzying amounts, however, it is a class of its own, worth its price. For example, a coffee table from 1937 in the irregular shape of a tortoise shell made of Chinese lacquer or “La Chasse” – a four-piece screen standing on the floor with handmade decorations. And don’t forget the great French designer who had a huge influence on the formation of this style. On the Internet you can find art déco furniture by Le Corbusier, which will significantly emphasize the uniqueness of your interior and bring a luxurious atmosphere from the era of the early 20th century. Choose a curved LC4 chaise longue with a chrome frame, with an upholstered leather headrest or a black leather sofa, which the artist designed for the famous Bauhaus model housing estate.

Photo by Sammsara Luxury Modern Home/Pexels

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