Floating capsule – get to know its advantages

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Floating is gaining more and more followers, although the knowledge about it is still not common. The fight against stress, fatigue and back pain using a floating capsule is arousing interest, but it has its opponents. Here is some knowledge about its main advantages

What is floating?

It is about using a modern device, the floating capsule, to calm down, regenerate, and regain lost strength. The capsule itself is also called an outflow, sensory or deprivation capsule. Its very appearance arouses curiosity – it is often a very modern, streamlined shape that brings to mind science fiction movies.

How does a floating capsule work?

The device is filled with a solution of water and EPSOM salt. It is responsible for introducing the body into a state of relaxation, which is proper for example for bathing in the Dead Sea – we float in shallow, about 30 cm deep water, which has a great influence on our relaxation and we experience the feeling of lack of gravity. The solution is at skin temperature, which gives the impression of unity with water. It is assumed that the optimal temperature is 36.1 degrees Celsius. No external sounds reach the person in the floating capsule. The treatment takes place in complete solitude, which allows the patient to focus on himself without distractions. All this is supposed to provide our brain with ideal conditions for rest – and therefore for mental and physical health. What is interesting, floating sessions are very often included in trainings of professional sportsmen – they help them in biological regeneration.

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What is EPSOM salt?

EPSOM is magnesium sulfate. Magnesium and sulfur in this case have a health and beauty promoting effect. Without magnesium we feel tired, suffer from insomnia and are nervous. It is important that it is much better absorbed through the skin than through the digestive system. Thanks to baths we have a chance not only to regenerate and calm down, but also to cleanse the body. Baths are recommended for rehabilitation, convalescence, skin problems and wound healing. They also support the immune system.

Is a floating capsule safe?

These types of devices are completely safe for physical health. When it comes to psychological comfort, no complications should arise either. The greatest distance to the idea of being locked in a capsule have people with claustrophobia. In fact, the interior is not too narrow, there is also the possibility of tilting the lid. It is worth adding that the device does not threaten to malfunction, and at any time it can be illuminated or opened also from the inside. It does not require swimming skills. The water is very shallow and saturated with salt, which makes it impossible to drown in it. If even this does not give comfort, the person going to the capsule can use a special bolster.

Hygiene and comfort during a stay in a floating capsule

One of the doubts that accompany floating is the fear of lack of hygiene during the procedure itself. However, conditions inside are completely sterile. The water is purified after each patient. The filtration process is quite complicated, it involves the use of special activated glass, disinfection with hydrogen peroxide and UV lamp irradiation. Thanks to modern technologies, the parameters of the liquid can be constantly monitored and cared for its purity associated with high quality. The feeling of comfort in a floating capsule does not always come from the very beginning. Some difficulties with adapting to the strange situation occur, but they are completely normal and disappear even during the first session. It is assumed that with time, you can benefit from the treatments more and more, as they become more natural for you.

Photo by Haley Phelps/Unsplash

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