Korean face care – what’s the secret?

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The flawless skin of Korean women on the one hand arouses admiration, on the other amazement. What makes Korean women look so young? How do you keep your facial skin smooth and healthy?

Koreans consider caring for the beauty of their face as a profitable investment, worth the money and time. They follow a well-thought-out skin care ritual every day that yields amazing results.

Cleansing with oil

The first step in skin care is to cleanse the skin thoroughly. Koreans use hydrophilic oil and warm water for this purpose. The oil gently and thoroughly removes even the most persistent makeup without leaving a greasy film or sticky feeling. You apply the oily liquid to dry facial skin and carefully massage with your fingers. After 1-2 minutes – this is how long the cosmetic needs to penetrate the skin and dissolve impurities – you wash it off with warm water. This is the only way to achieve the effect of deep cleansing.

Cleansing foam

A cleansing foam is the second step to a perfectly clear complexion. Koreans believe that double cleansing is a prerequisite for a healthy and radiant complexion without blackheads.


An important place in Korean skin care is occupied by homemade scrubs. Korean facial scrubs are gentle, have no chemical additives in their composition, so they do not damage the skin. Moreover, facial massage with the use of scrub improves blood circulation and speeds up the process of cell renewal.


Among Korean women, there is the so-called 3-second rule. The idea is to dry the face after cleansing and to tone it as soon as possible. Well-chosen toners are an “emergency” for facial skin dehydrated by hard water washing. Avoid toners with alcohol, opt for a gentle cosmetic that will additionally moisturize your skin.


Korean facial care cannot do without essence, which combines two stages – moisturizing and nourishing. The essence penetrates into the lower layers of the skin, deeply moisturizing it. It prepares the skin to receive nourishing preparations such as ampoules, emulsions, creams, gels or masks, and at the same time strengthens their properties.

Serum or ampoule

Serums and ampoules are cosmetics with an intensive, targeted action, recommended as a treatment for a certain number of days, when the skin needs intensive regeneration. The effect of such preparations can be seen even after the first use. Apply the serum or ampoule after the essence or toner and 10-15 minutes before the next step.


At this stage, you can apply a mask on your face. A face mask is a miracle remedy that can nourish your skin in 20-30 minutes. Particularly popular among Koreans are sheet masks.

Eye cream

While cosmetologists argue about whether it is worth investing in a separate eye cosmetic, Korean women are convinced that the skin around the eyes requires special care. The purpose of such a cream is to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate signs of fatigue and make the look radiant and fresh.

Moisturizing Cream

Although the skin has already been intensely nourished and moisturized, it is necessary to consolidate this effect and “retain” moisture with the help of a moisturizing cream.

Korean skin care is divided into morning and evening care. The scheme described above applies to the evening ritual. The morning one skips the hydrophilic oil. You only need to apply sheet masks 2 times a week and scrubs 1-2 times a week

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