Luxury brands you can’t miss in your closet

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It is a well-known fact that better quality products cost more. The price is often followed by the brand and prestige, but many girls dream about having clothes straight from the catwalks in their closet

So why not buy fewer one-season clothes, and instead enjoy one or two pieces of top-shelf designs, which will become a pearl in your closet and a good investment to cash in on in bad times? Which brands are worth stocking your closet with? Check out our quick review.

The luxurious little black dress

It is not only the opulence and glamour that counts at first glance in clothes from world-class designers. These brands have an established reputation and a loyal customer base. Behind their success, prestige and price stands a constant, proven quality, consistency and timelessness of style. Chanel is one of the first fashion houses that comes immediately to every woman’s mind. Over the years, the designer has managed to maintain a consistent style, freeing the female gender from rigid forms. In her clothes, she combines paradoxically opposite poles: ordinariness and chic, masculine roughness and feminine delicacy. The brand is basically associated with the iconic representation of the dress, which has become the Holy Grail of many women

Chanel is inspired by sports fashion and often borrows from the men’s closet, which allows her to achieve outfits that are incredibly comfortable, natural, full of freedom of movement, and yet very feminine – reasons enough to make you want to have one of her creations in your closet

Chanel – The Spring-Summer 2021 Haute Couture Show

Enchant, inspire and attract

Another coveted destination that you’re probably longing to see on your social media is Tom Ford’s clothing line. The designer has extensive experience with some of the most famous fashion brands, such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, which he used years later to create his own. Ford’s lines are associated with style, sophistication and elegance, he designs clothes based on minimalist forms. He owns about 100 boutiques around the world, although buying his designs can be difficult because he resides only in the world’s major fashion capitals – including Paris, Milan and Dubai

Bayoucool2/Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2020-2021

The aforementioned fashion houses are another treat for lovers of textile gems. Especially the fashion house Gucci, which in recent years, thanks to its new creative director Alessandro Michele, has refreshed its image. Business Insider, after visiting one of their stores and being very impressed by the brand, expressed its deep conviction that the new creative director seems to have a good sense of the trends that customers want to follow. The clothes in eclectic, eye-catching, flashy colors meet the needs of today’s young people. The designs are ideal to be used and shown on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, and in photo shoots.

Gucci – Gucci Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Show

Also worth noting is Burberry’s recentlylifted brand philosophy. After taking over the company in March 2018, new creative director Ricardo Tisci set about adapting the brand to be more sportswear-oriented. He also introduced an updated version of the Burberry monogram. The spring-summer 2019 show was the beginning of a new era for Burberry. Ricardo presented a very impressive collection that introduced many novelties, mixing them with elements of old-school motifs. Burberry also refused to use fur in the production, while promising that unsold products would get sustainable treatment. Because of how the world has changed in recent years (COVID-19 pandemic), Riccardo has also set his sights on selling more online – he believes that people’s social media habits could be crucial to the future of retail. The designer hopes that the new store concept caters to younger generations. Using WeChat, customers can collect “social currency” to unlock exclusive content and personalized in-store experiences, and share them with friends. In its latest 2021 collection, the Burberry brand combines the contrasting worlds of fashion and naturalness. Unusual parka jackets with rubberized materials, crystals and siphon embroidery reign supreme – this is how streatwear meets classic. Ricardo Tisci himself states: “We are an industry of dreamers, we have the tools and we have the responsibility to use our platforms to unite communities. I truly believe in a renaissance and that a rebirth is coming.”
Burberry – The story behind the collection

Appreciate the uniqueness of local designers

While the world adores the glamorous designers from the front pages of newspapers, do not forget that our country also has something to boast about. You can choose from big- or small-scale local artists, both of whom place an emphasis on quality, uniqueness and good design. With the former, it is worth getting an elegant evening dress when you are about to celebrate an important life moment. It will also be a good idea to turn in their direction when you are looking for a wedding dress and want an original design, tailored to the strengths of your figure and personality. Consider in this category Gosia Baczyńska, whose collections appeared in the Paris Fashion Week or Maciej Zień, also known as the Polish Dior. His evening designs will amaze you with their phenomenality and originality, and in the case of dresses designed by Gosia you will drift away into a world full of elegance and sophistication, while remaining extremely feminine, full of allure and sensual lightness. Interestingly, the designer has also had the pleasure of working with Britain’s Princess Kate. It is worth mentioning that men will also find something for themselves in this group. If you care about a good suit, there is no better specialist than Tomasz Ossoliński. His evening designs are full of taste and distinction, perfectly tailored to your posture in such a way that you will make an impression on every formal occasion. For more streetwear, sporty vibes, turn to Robert Kupisz, whose timeless styles have been impressing for years with their modern, masculine aesthetic.

Photo: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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