Smart office, or how to create an innovative office?

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Smart office is a workspace where technologies such as AI, IoT or Big Data optimize daily work and increase employees’ comfort. Let’s take a closer look at some smart office solutions.

Smart workplace

Working in the modern office has become mobile. Employees today have access to computers, notebooks, smartphones, tablets and other portable gadgets, between which they can freely switch, and all important documents and settings are synchronized automatically on each device. This is thanks to cloud technology, which facilitates and automates work processes. 

Innovative companies usually buy work programs that optimize the daily activities of employees. Their basis are office packages with cloud services. With their help, employees can work together on documents, tables and presentations, leave comments, open files on different devices and efficiently send them to colleagues. In addition, smart solution providers offer the ability to work with documents and automatically update applications offline.

Virtual workplace

Not only office programs can be moved to the cloud, but also the entire desktop. This is known as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Separate virtual machines are created on the server for each employee, where the operating system, all programs and other desktop elements are placed.

Employees can use any device – all data is stored not on a computer, but in the cloud, and can be accessed even from a smartphone. This is a convenient solution if the company has many branches and you need to constantly update the software. With the help of a virtual desktop, you can do this remotely on all devices.

Office space management

A smart office doesn’t end with the computer. It also includes a system for automating office processes, from controlling the air conditioning to opening windows and turning on lights.

Smart office providers can equip your office space with sensors and gauges to track changes in temperature and humidity. If the room gets too hot or stuffy, the system will open windows or run the air conditioning, then turn off the ventilation to maintain a normal temperature and not waste electricity.

Office equipment

The equipment in a smart office helps automate many of your daily activities. Multimedia systems and printing equipment come to the fore here. Modern multimedia equipment is not just interactive whiteboards or projectors. It includes video walls, displays, interactive flipcharts, cameras with wifi and other devices.

With the help of interactive flipcharts, team projects can be discussed during meetings. An employee loads a presentation on a notebook, displays it on a whiteboard and sends it to colleagues, singles out what is most important, draws diagrams and takes notes with a stylus. All meeting results are saved electronically.

Among the most basic processes fundamental to the functioning of a company is printing and document circulation. Modern smart printing devices are multifunctional systems which make the so-called paper work faster and easier. With the help of modern printers, employees can, for example, hide a piece of text with confidential information or scan several documents at the same time. Working with the equipment is greatly facilitated by a service that connects printers, computers, smartphones and other devices with applications in the cloud.

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