How to plan a luxury ship cruise?

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Cruising on a luxury ship is a dream come true for many people. Although Poles are only just discovering the charms of cruising, they are more and more willing to use this unobvious form of leisure. How to prepare for a cruise?

The simplest solution: use the cruise offer of the tour operators

The easiest and most obvious way to organize a cruise on a luxury ship is to use the offer of travel agencies. Although this is not the most popular method of spending time on a trip, every year travel agencies offer more and more interesting cruises on the Mediterranean Sea, Norwegian fjords, but also in the Caribbean and transatlantic cruises. Polish tourists have only recently begun to appreciate the opportunity to admire the beauty of the world from the deck of a ship. Every season there is a growing interest in organized cruises, during which visiting phenomenal places is combined with great fun, tasting delicious food and drinks and the possibility of using all facilities located on board. They are like floating resorts, which do not lack attractions for the most demanding tourists.

Advantages of an organized cruise

Deciding on a cruise with an agency, we do not have to worry about planning attractions, arranging meals or other technical aspects of the trip. All responsibilities are taken over by the tour operator and the staff responsible for providing guests with all the comforts. This solution is worth considering if it is your first time going on a cruise. This will allow you to gain the necessary information on how to plan your own cruise and what to pay attention to in order to have a safe and pleasant trip

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How to plan a cruise ship trip on your own?

For experienced travelers, planning a boat cruise is not unusual. For those who don’t travel very often, proper preparation for this type of trip can bring a bit of trouble

  • First of all, it is necessary to properly synchronize when and how you will arrive at the port. Cruises start in cities that are usually outside the borders of our country, sometimes hundreds of kilometers away. To arrive on time, you need to plan sensibly how you will get there. Most often it is necessary to use the air route – here it is worth remembering to calculate a sufficiently large reserve of time, so that, for example, an unexpected delay at the airport does not lead to the situation that we are late for the flight.
  • Second: it is worth at the beginning to determine what type of cruise we are interested in; whether we want to do as much sightseeing as possible and spend all day on land, or we care about blissful rest on board and a small portion of sightseeing. This will determine which cruise you decide on. Operators offer both options, as well as intermediate versions in between. Choosing the right form is the key to success. Keep in mind that the more stops a ship has, the higher the price of the cruise will be, which is a direct result of the need to pay port fees, etc.
  • Third: depending on the purpose of the cruise and your wallet, you need to choose the right date in which to take the trip. This will determine how high a price you will have to pay for your trip
    • The price will be affected by how often the ship calls at ports,
    • you have to reckon with an increase in cost if you choose a cabin with a window or a balcony,
    • if you want to use the Internet, you will need to purchase a data package, which can be quite expensive,
    • if we decide on the premium offer, which offers the possibility of using all the amenities on board, then the final amount may be very different from the base price of the cruise.
  • Fourth: it is worthwhile to plan in advance which islands we want to visit, in order to plan in advance how we will spend our time on them. You can use the offers of excursions available for purchase on board or use the local offices, which are usually much more beneficial.
  • Fifth: Even at the stage of planning the trip is necessary to find out what documents we will need. In some, it may turn out that we need a visa or passport, so it is necessary to ensure that you have them with you.

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