How to furnish a modern, exclusive office?

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It has been known for a long time that the space we inhabit on a daily basis influences our behavior. It’s no coincidence that psychologists’ rooms are most often green, children’s rooms pink or blue, and temples white. It is not only the colors that matter. How to develop your work space well?

If you are at the stage of building a house and planning the layout of rooms, you are in a very comfortable situation. Not all of us can choose the perfect place for an office. You are one of the lucky ones. Focus on making it well lit. If you have the opportunity, opt for lots of windows – natural light will be much better for your eyes and will make the room seem much larger

Feng shui spirit or good taste?

There is no one golden rule or plan where the placement of furniture will make everyone feel comfortable. First and foremost you have to feel good there, it is your workplace. However, solutions that seem best to us will not always fulfill their function. It is worth consulting an expert in this matter. If you plan to paint the walls black and resign from a window… you better think twice

Green color calms us, white is very noble and serious. It is up to you what style your office will be decorated in. Warm shades of brown and grey will calm you down and at the same time motivate you to work. You can decide on a two-colored variant. Plan the work area in gray, while the rest area in warm shades of pink. Separating two areas in the office is a great alternative, if you plan to receive many guests. It’s worth deciding on such shades, which you will later smuggle into your interior accessories

What kind of furniture for an office?

You will spend most of your time at your desk, working on your computer. It will be essential to take care of a place, where you will have the most light. The area under the window is the most common choice. There are usually heaters there to warm your feet in the winter, and the view from the window will make you get away from business for a while. As for the desk itself – black ones are fashionable, which are a symbol of elegance. And the solid oak workmanship of the table will bring to mind law offices. Opt for a long and wide top – you can fit all your office equipment, computer and documents on it

Be sure to get a comfortable chair. Think about how many hours you will be sitting on it. Don’t let a modernistic look come at the expense of comfort. A dark leather armchair, with a large backrest and armrests – does that sound comfortable? If you have the option – choose a model with wheels, which will make it easier to move around a long desk.

Cabinets, shelves, racks – as much as possible! Choose those made of thick, tempered glass. Under no circumstances should they bend under the weight of books, folders and files. In stores you will find those in unusual shapes, curved or spiral. When deciding on a particular cut, ask if it is possible to create a coffee table in a similar style. Follow the rule – the fewer, the better! Order and tidiness in your office will say a lot about you

Leisure is important too!

In the rest area, where you will receive guests, you can go crazy. A couch and comfortable armchairs will certainly come in handy. Colorful leather and plastic upholstery are fashionable this season. Maybe this is the moment to refer to the wall color? Don’t be afraid of novelty! A great solution will be to place a coffee table there. Also find a place for a coffee maker – because without coffee, it will definitely be hard!

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