Bathroom de luxe – how to arrange it?

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Decorating a modern bathroom requires you to devote some of your time. However, all it takes is a good plan and the purchase of special equipment. It is also worth betting on elegant accessories, which perfectly complement the whole

Choosing a free-standing bathtub

Free-standing bathtubs look exclusive and are the perfect place to relax. They look very good in modern bathrooms. Their best advantage is the aesthetic aspect, which appeals to many users and architects. Such bathtubs are a luxurious element of the room in which they are located. They can be arranged so that the bathroom resembles a high-end spa. They come in a variety of colors, but the most popular ones are white and beige. Recently, black bathtubs are also common in stores. They also fit into de luxe bathrooms

Freestanding bath tubs can also have different shapes, the most common is the oval one. In addition, they are made of diverse materials, such as acrylic, cast iron or artificial marble. You can choose them according to your fund and aesthetic preferences. However, they should be resistant to cracks and scratches. Then they will serve for many years. The Marmite brand, for example, offers such bathtubs

You can easily match the bathtub to the style of your bathroom by choosing the right mixer. This will add a modern touch or even a retro feel. An intriguing option is to choose a bath tub with visible legs. They look very innovative and make it easier to keep clean. A good idea is to place a freestanding bathtub under a window, a popular solution. Some people also decide to make a bath corner in the corner of their bedroom. For this, however, a considerable space is required

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Sanitary ceramics

An important element that will be useful for a de luxe bathroom are washbasins. Choose countertop washbasins because they are both elegant and practical. They look light and modern. You can also place them on a cabinet. A common solution chosen by couples are two washbasins that are placed next to each other. Large, round mirrors can be hung above them. This will create an interesting composition. It is worth to depart from popular patterns in the de luxe bathroom

Modern sanitary ceramics are offered by Marmite. You can buy it in the online store elazienki. This manufacturer also sells innovative standing washbasins. They will work well in classic and minimalist interiors. They are comfortable and easy to use. The most universal are those in white, with a delicate sheen

Luxury bathroom accessories

For a de luxe bathroom, functional and aesthetic accessories will also be useful. These can be, for example, stylish soap dispensers, tissue containers and toothbrush cups. These also come in premium versions. They can be made of marble, for example. It is worth betting on one color accent that will be on these accessories. Mirrors are also an excellent decoration, even those in a very large size. In addition, they optically enlarge smaller rooms and add elegance

For the bathtub, you can purchase accessories that will improve the comfort of use. These are for example anti-slip mats and headrests. A modern solution is also a touchless dispenser, which can be placed, for example, on the wall. This is a very convenient form. It is also good to bet on high quality towels, which hung on a hook, can also be a decorative element. When decorating the bathroom, it is worth paying attention even to small details

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