Elegant cufflinks – which one to choose?

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Many gentlemen don’t know how to match pins with their outfit. In this guide, we’ll show you how to combine them to look chic while having fun adding this accessory to your closet

What are cufflinks?

Cufflinks are an interesting alternative to buttons, which are commonly sewn onto shirt cuffs. What is important, you can remove them at any time. They vary in shape, size, color, style and material. They usually offer a bit more contrast than buttons. They most often consist of a large head or “insert” with a decorative surface, a post extending from the back of the head, and a rotary toggle that locks the pin into the cuff hole

Wondering which cufflinks to choose? Follow the rule: less is more. If in doubt, go for the classics. Simple shapes and lines never go out of style. The risk of them spoiling your image is low.

How do you choose elegant cufflinks?

Different types of cufflinks go with a classic white or light blue shirt. If you like to stand out from the crowd, choose contrasting accessories such as green, blue, red, yellow. Cufflinks are usually hidden under the sleeve of a suit. They only appear when you move

If you have a traditional white shirt, skip the silver accessories, otherwise they will blend with it. Look for gold cufflinks or in a bolder color. This will show that you have great taste

Want to wear a striped shirt? Then look for cufflinks in the same color as the stripes. This will show that you know your fashion. If you like an original style, choose cufflinks in a contrasting shade. However, make sure that you keep the right balance

If you wear a checked shirt, go for simple accessories and choose silver or gold cufflinks. Rose gold-colored ones will also work well. This way, you will create some contrast while maintaining balance

A secure fit

Cufflinks are one of the easiest and best ways to spice up your look while taking your style to the next level. Fashion rules and trends are, of course, constantly evolving. The aforementioned accessories are consistently popular among gentlemen

If you like safe solutions, just make sure that the cufflinks match in color with another piece of clothing or even your entire outfit. Are you wearing a blue tie, shirt and pants? If so, look for a nice pair of blue cufflinks

Also pay attention to the design and degree of formality. Just because you own a pair of diamond cufflinks doesn’t mean you should wear them to a barbecue. They work best at a formal dinner, banquet or ball. Don’t wear skull accessories to a wedding either. You should show good taste in every situation

Popular materials for cufflinks

Gold, silver, and platinum are obvious favorites, especially for cufflinks that have no other decorative materials, and their aesthetic value is affected by the quality of the metal. Carbon fiber is also very popular. It’s a strong, modern material with a sleek, silvery surface that can be easily colored during production. Your collection should not lack crystal pins. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Manufacturers also offer enamel and glass clips. If you have a bigger budget, look for mother-of-pearl accessories. They stand out for their high quality. They go well with both formal and semi-formal outfits. Onyx, gemstones, silk, stainless steel, rose gold and titanium are sometimes used in the production of pins

Due to the properties of stainless steel clips, you will be able to enjoy them for a long time. They have a grayish sheen that goes beyond the color wheel, so you can easily match them with your outfit. If you like safe solutions, they will definitely appeal to you. You can also look for hypoallergenic clips made of surgical steel

Titanium is a very durable and biocompatible material. It has only recently been used in the jewelry industry, and as a result, it fits in with modern designs. Like stainless steel and silver, it has a neutral grayish hue that makes it easy to match with your outfit

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