Need a little relaxation? Check out what Hawaiian lomi lomi massage is all about

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Have you ever heard about lomi lomi massage? If not, it is time to catch up. Under this mysterious name lies a wonderfully relaxing, healing and spiritual experience. People who experience traditional Hawaiian massages rave about the healing effects on both mind and body.

The art of relaxation from Hawaii – lomi lomi massage

A lomi lomi massage, also known as a loving hand massage, is a traditional Hawaiian treatment that combines massage techniques, nut oils, breathing and dancing, all to soothe the body.

The word “lomi” itself is a Hawaiian name that translates as kneading, rubbing, soothing and kneading, which locals compare to a contented cat rubbing its paws with bliss. The repetition of the word “lomi” in the name is meant to emphasize how unique the experience is.

Although it has been known in Hawaii for decades, in the rest of the globe lomi lomi massage is just beginning to take root and generate interest, thanks in large part to Hawaiian tourism. The treatment is somewhat like dancing around a patient, and the technique is different from other types of massage we know. This is because practitioners use not only their hands and fingers as tools, but also their ankles, elbows, knees and feet, and perform wide, fluid movements.

More than body work

What is very important in lomi lomi practice is that it also touches the spiritual sphere. It is applied according to Huna, which is a philosophy similar to yoga or meditation. The main aim is to create peace and unity with mind, body and spirit

Traditional lomi lomi massage sessions begin with various forms of spiritual preparation such as meditation, prayer and breathing exercises. When working with clients, lomi lomi massage therapists use long, continuous and rhythmic movements, focusing on stimulating the flow of energy through the body, moving smoothly from one area of the body to another

This physical-spiritual massage is designed to remove the client’s energy blockages, which in the philosophy of Huna are the source of most mental and physical ailments.

Benefits of Massage

It is reasonable to expect positive changes after a massage session, and this is no different with lomi lomi. What can we expect when we leave the treatment?

In addition to the obvious relaxation felt during the massage, clients also receive release from anxiety, fear and other negative emotions caused by energy blockages.

Additionally, it helps with physical aches and pains such as muscle soreness, joint stiffness, and even relieves pain for clients recovering from surgery or other injuries. People with arthritis and fibromyalgia can also benefit from lomi lomi massage.

Due to the nature of this type of massage, practitioners are well trained and proficient in pressure sensitive areas. They know where to dab and remove tension and where to back off, avoiding unnecessary discomfort.

Even if one’s worldview is not quite in line with the idea of energetic healing and flow, the massage itself is worth recommending and trying, as its relaxing effects are undeniable, and in itself an extremely pleasant break from an everyday life full of stress and busyness.

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