They are behind the image of the biggest stars. Meet Hollywood’s most famous stylists

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A trusted staff of people taking care of the image and contracts of a Hollywood star is one of the components of success. Impeccable style and outfit suited to every occasion are the markers of a celebrity’s class.

Watching celebrities on Instagram, we very often appreciate their taste, style and great looks. Hardly anyone realizes, however, that the results presented to fans are the fruit of work of many people. Doctors, dentists, hairdressers and make-up artists devote many hours to achieve a wow effect on a client. The work of a stylist is no less demanding.

A stylist is a friend and a psychologist

A stylist can help as much as hurt a celebrity’s career. Such a relationship requires honesty, openness, understanding and trust. Moreover, the mechanism must work both ways. The stylist must get to know his or her protégé well enough to understand his or her character, know his or her style, and know what the person is comfortable with. The star must feel understood, cared for and know that she is in good hands.

In the past, stylists stood in the shadow of film, sports and music stars. They did their work in a way hidden, behind the scenes. Today, stylists very often make as fruitful a career as their charges. The work of image consultants is no longer anonymous.

Law Roach – the stylist who changed Céline Dion

One of the most popular, talented and well-known stylists of Hollywood stars is Law Roach. The eccentric and expressive fashion stylist works with the big names themselves. @luxurylaw is followed by thousands of followers on Instagram. In addition to his online career, Roach is known for his television formats “America’s Next Top Model” and “Legendary.”

Roach’s biggest claim to fame was his collaboration with Céline Dion, which the stylist began in 2016. The change in Dion’s image was immediately picked up by the media, and Roach’s name began to resonate from all sides. On a daily basis, the celebrity stylist works with: Zendaya, Tom Holland, Ariana Grande, Hunter Schafer, Kerry Washington, Anya Taylor-Joy and many more.

Law Roach creates styles that are surprising, original and consistent with the client’s personality. Each celebrity under the care of this image consultant has developed a distinct, signature style.

Harry Lambert – men’s fashion specialist

Harry Lambert is a photographer by training. He gained experience at British Vogue. He was Stevie Westgarth’s assistant for some time. It was from him that he learned how to style men. Lambert is best known for his collaboration with Harry Styles. A powerful session in Vogue, in which Styles poses in gender-fluid styling, is the result of the collaboration between the two men.

Lambert also has a very successful collaboration with actress Emma Corrin. The girl gained popularity thanks to her role as young Princess Diana in the Netflix series “The Crown”. Lambert had a very difficult task here – on the one hand, the need to fit the role of a well-dressed duchess, on the other hand, age-appropriate styling for Emma Corrin.

Lorenzo Posocco – instagrammed

The music video for “Blow Your Mind” marks the first image collaboration between singer Dua Lipa and designer Lorenzo Posocco. Since 2016, the pair have been inseparable and together they have created looks that the singer’s media and fans rave about. Lipa’s stylings draw inspiration from retro style and kitsch. What on other models might look grotesque, on the singer looks phenomenal.

Sandra Amador and Tom Eerebout

If anyone hasn’t heard of the stylist duo of Amador and Eerebout, they definitely should. They are the ones who work closely with the inimitable Lady Gaga. As the star’s stylists themselves say, the collaboration is not an easy one. The singer and actress has a strong personality and unusual ideas, with which she very often enters their studio. As Sandra and Tom emphasize, such cooperation has also many advantages. They are not bound by any restrictions and can fully express their artistic visions.

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