Elegant attire for a job interview – what should a man wear?

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The first impression is extremely important and can strongly influence our interviewer. This is particularly important in the case of a job interview. You can achieve this by, for example, dressing appropriately. So how should you dress for a job interview?

Many industries have a specific dress code. However, it is not only important on a daily basis, when you go to the office, but also, or even primarily, when you apply for a position. So how should you dress for an interview to increase your chances of being hired?

The universal dress code for a job interview: a well-fitting suit

There are many industries that don’t pay attention to dress, such as creative industries, IT, and new media, but when you’re not sure if the dress code applies or not, go for a timeless suit. There is the best and safest solution. We are, of course, talking about a tailored two-piece suit consisting of pants and a jacket. As for the color, models in shades of gray and navy blue will be an excellent choice. Leave the black ones at home for slightly more formal occasions. In addition, black is a very dominant color and hardly any Pole looks good in it because of his complexion

Which shirt should I choose?

In addition to a suit, you will also need a shirt. But what kind? First of all, it must be long-sleeved, unless you want to commit a total faux-pas. When it comes to the color of the shirt, timeless solutions will also work here. So choose between classic white and delicate blue. For a plain suit, a shirt with horizontal stripes is also an interesting choice. In addition, if you are pairing a shirt with a two-piece suit, then choose a model with an Italian collar and button cuffs. It is also important that the shirt is clean and perfectly ironed.


It’s also worth taking care of the right accessories and accesories. When it comes to shoes, classic oxfords https://patine.pl/category/obuwie-klasyczne-oxfordy are the best option, but elegant moccasins https://patine.pl/category/obuwie-klasyczne-mokasyny or brogues https://patine.pl/category/obuwie-klasyczne-brogsy are also a great choice

Ties also play an important role among men’s accessories. The basic rule is to choose a tie darker than your shirt. So, if you choose a blue shirt and want to match your tie with the whole outfit, go for a navy blue one. But avoid intense ties, such as red or green

A leather strap watch will also add a touch of professionalism to your outfit. Remember that the accessory should be subtle and gently emphasize your outfit – a gold watch on a bracelet or a thick chain are definitely not something you should wear to an interview if you want to apply for a job.

What else should you keep in mind?

The most important aspect to bear in mind, apart from the choice of individual items, is the neatness of your outfit and yourself. So make sure your shirt is ironed and your shoes are cleaned and freshly polished. It seems obvious, but many people still forget about it. Also make sure your hair is neat and tidy and take care of your facial hair if you have one. Also choose a perfume, but remember to be sensible as the scent must match the time of day.

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