Fashionable beach cover-up is a must have for every vacation. Choose the perfect one for you!

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You can do without a beach cover-up on vacation. However, who once tasted the comfort of having it, will not hesitate to recommend it. Why is it worth and which one to choose?

A beach cover-up is a light and airy piece of clothing, whose advantages (if properly chosen) cannot be overestimated. It protects against excessive sun. Allows you to enter a restaurant or walk through the city without excessive negligence. It is a fashionable and chic addition to beach styling. And at the same time it does not take up much space in your beach bag. And if it doesn’t crease, it’s the perfect cover-up. What beach cover-ups will be fashionable this summer?

Boho beach cover-up

Boho style fits perfectly to the holiday, beach climate. Boho means casualness, freedom and hippie look. This trend has been extremely fashionable for several seasons. Beach cover-ups in boho style are made on knitting, crochet or macramé technique. For their braiding you need yarn, cordage or other kind of string. Thanks to that we get openwork tunic – very light and airy.

Boho tunic can be finished with fringes, hanging strings or braided plaits. It is sometimes complemented with beads. We can choose among models worn over the head and shirt type. Open boho tunics can be worn unbuttoned, finished with buttons or tied at the waist.

A boho style beach cover-up does not have to be entirely made of plaid. We can find cover-ups made of linen or thin cotton, whose decorative finish refers to the boho style. Most often these are lace trims on sleeves and neckline.

Bathrobe cover-up for the beach

The robe cut has also been in fashion for a few seasons. We have already got used to bathrobe coats and dresses. Now it is time for comfortable and airy bathrobe cover-ups for the beach. Feminine and very sexy models in bold colors are sure to catch the attention of beachgoers. When tied, a bathrobe cover-up creates an elegant dress, in which we can easily enter a restaurant for dinner.

Shirt tunic for the beach

A fashionable and comfortable solution is to choose a shirt tunic for the beach. The tunic looks like a loose shirt with an extended length. Choose those made of light materials. Delicate cotton or linen will make the cover-up wrap you pleasantly without causing a feeling of heaviness on your body. Shirt tunics may be unbuttoned from top to bottom or at the neck. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Shirt tunic will match with sandals, ballerinas and even sneakers.

Classic tunics with fashionable accessories

Classic tunic is a loose-fitting blouse and dress. Usually of trapezoidal or rectangular cut. Such tunics can also be fashionable, if we follow a few rules. Firstly, it is worth to look for a cold shoulder cut, i.e. with uncovered shoulders. Another suggestion is the Spanish-style tunic with a ruffled collar. For a third look, opt for a simple tunic with a trendy boho touch.

What colors and patterns are currently trending?

Beach fashion for the 2021 summer season is all about bold and decisive colors. Neon, bright, juicy and intense. Choose reds and oranges, yellow, shades of blue and green. Floral and general floral prints are still in vogue. Large leaves, a tropical forest with colorful parrots, a flower meadow – all this will make us look fashionable. Equally freely we can choose from animal prints.

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