Emollient Conditioner – Properties

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Emollient conditioner is increasingly used by women who are looking for proven hair products – with the right composition and moisturizing formula. Learn more about this hair product in the following article

What Does an Emollient Conditioner Mean?

Emollient conditioners and hair masks are important hair care products. Their function is to restore the hair’s lipid mantle, which significantly reduces moisture loss and protects the hair from damage. The emollients contained in the conditioner moisturize the hair and make it more resilient and shiny. Hair treatments like blow-drying, styling or straightening deprive hair of precious moisture. This makes them much drier. The emollients in the conditioner smooth the hair and improve its condition

Conditioner contains humectants and emollients, among other things, which leave a protective film on your hair. You will notice this in easier styling and combing of your hair. In addition, the hair strands become more flexible so that the curl becomes visible. Say goodbye to frizz and unruly hair! Your hairstyle will be much smoother and more tamed

Are there downsides to using products with emollients?

An emollient conditioner is a remedy for dry hair. However, keep in mind that overuse will leave your hair looking dull. A lifted style requires hair that retains some percentage of its stiffness

Too much use of products with emollients will make your hair lose its shape. To avoid this, rinse out emollient masks and conditioners thoroughly. In addition, it is best to choose a product according to the porosity of your hair – highly porous hair, i.e. very dry and damaged hair should be nourished with emollients, which retain water inside the hair. On the other hand, people with low porosity hair should avoid using too many cosmetics with emollients in their composition

How to Identify an Emollient Conditioner

Hair conditioners can be confusing. The number of products available in the drugstore can make your head spin. The number of products available in drugstores is mind-boggling. So before you make the ideal choice for your hair, you must read the ingredients. You may find such ingredients as PEG and ingredients with the suffix -copolyol. An emollient conditioner should not contain silicones, which may also smooth out your hair but can weigh it down too much. You will recognize them by their names with the suffixes -siloxane, -methicone or -silicone.

How should I use conditioner with emollients?

An emollient conditioner should be used only temporarily, as too much of an emollient can have the opposite effect, especially if your hair is lifeless. Apply the conditioner to slightly dampened hair after shampooing. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water

Once a month, apply an emollient mask, which is also applied to slightly damp hair. Apply the emollient mask mainly to the ends of your hair if you do not want your hair to lose its volume. Wrap your hair in a towel to allow the mask to penetrate your hair deeply. Keep the mask on your hair for about 30 minutes and rinse your hair with lukewarm water without shampooing it again. Over time, your hair will become smoother and your style will be more manageable and easier to comb

Emollient conditioners should be used especially when your hair is exposed to chlorine and heat. In summer and winter, when your head is heated by hats and your hair is frizzy due to temperature changes and high humidity, an emollient hair care product is sure to protect your hair from damage. For an even better effect of smooth hair, you can apply an emollient conditioner to the entire length of your hair after every wash and additionally a regenerating oil to the ends, especially when they are weakened and split.

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