Caviar is not only a luxury delicacy. Why else is it worth reaching for?

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What are the characteristics of caviar? How is it obtained and why is it considered such a sophisticated, even luxurious product? What are its properties and what is worth tasting it with? We suggest

Where does caviar come from?

This delicacy is actually salted roe of various fish species. Among them sturgeon caviar is the most sought after, but also salmon or cod. Sturgeon caviar is black, while salmon caviar is red. It has been known in Russia since at least the 12th century – it later became one of its culinary symbols. A small amount of caviar is enough to turn a dish into an exclusive one

Is caviar healthy?

It turns out that this luxury product can be a very valuable source of protein in the diet. In its 100 g you will find as much as 26 g of complete protein. It can also provide your body with polyunsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3. This makes the caviar has a positive effect on regulating the work of the arteries and prevents blood clots. What else will we find in this product? These will be, in particular:

  • vitamin B12 (prevents anemia, has a positive effect on the blood, because it participates in the production of red blood cells),
  • vitamin A,
  • vitamins D and E,
  • zinc,
  • iodine,
  • magnesium,
  • phosphorus,
  • calcium,
  • sodium,
  • potassium,
  • iron.
Photo by Valeria Boltneva/Pexels

What does eating caviar help with?

It turns out that eating luxury caviar is not only a sign of high status, but can also bring health benefits. This unique product has an excellent effect on the condition of our skin. For this reason, eating caviar is recommended for people who suffer from various skin ailments. The natural antioxidants contained in it also slow down the aging process. What other benefits can be derived from eating caviar? It has a good effect on the nervous system and reduces the risk of cancer. It has also long been considered an effective aphrodisiac. It can be consumed by pregnant and nursing women, but also by children

Interestingly, caviar is one of the raw materials that are used in the cosmetic industry. It is believed that its extract helps smooth out wrinkles. Sometimes customers are also offered rejuvenating masks with the addition of caviar.

Who should refrain from eating caviar?

Caviar is a relatively healthy and safe product, but some people should refrain from eating this delicacy too often. This applies, among others, to people with allergies – caviar is a product that promotes the appearance of allergies. People suffering from hypertension, kidney disease and those who have too much cholesterol should also be careful

How to identify good quality caviar?

It is very important to distinguish a good quality product from less sophisticated substitutes. It must be neither dried nor sticky. It should be salted only once and come only from one species of fish. Attention is also paid to ensure that the caviar grains are of uniform color and the same size. It should have no foreign aftertaste

What to eat with caviar?

Caviar itself is a premium product and it will undoubtedly be the main attraction on the plate. Very often, however, eating caviar is almost ritualistic – a crystal bowl or golden cutlery is used to put the specialty on the bread. Most often the caviar is gently spread on wholemeal bread, blinis, potatoes with the skins or toast in eggs. A more sumptuous way of eating caviar is to combine it with lobsters or oysters. It is always a good idea to combine it with the right alcohol. It goes well with champagne, white wine, but also – and above all – good quality vodka. It is worth remembering that the caviar should be gently bitten into in order to properly enjoy its taste

How much does caviar cost?

Prices depend on the type. For the red caviar you will pay from about 60 zł. However, the real delicacy is the black caviar, where the price for 100 g of the product can reach 800 pln

Photo: Bermix Studio/Unsplash

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