Mobile internet instead of stationary? Why not!

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Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine functioning without the Internet on the phone, and its availability is increasing. Therefore, many people decide to resign from traditional telecommunication services and start using only mobile Internet. Check what are the advantages of this solution and read when it is worth choosing it.

Greater availability and comfort

Supporters of the stationary link emphasize the unlimited availability of the Internet and the lack of any limits, but nowadays mobile network operators and mobile Internet providers also offer very attractive conditions, the most important of which is the one concerning the rules of using the Internet. Currently there is no problem with a very limited data transfer which is allocated to the user for a period determined in the agreement.

Another issue raised by experts on the subject is the speed and performance of the connection offered. In the case of fixed fiber internet, the speed of data transfer is certainly satisfactory and allows you to use your electronic devices very comfortably. Until now, this is the reason why most people decided to use a home WiFi router. In the meantime, LTE technology has started to reign supreme on the market, which has very similar capabilities to fiber optics and is a more attractive option for users who have no possibility of connecting to fiber optic lines. To compare current offers of operators, use the service

Mobile internet – independence and security

So when is it worth choosing mobile Internet? First of all, when independence and convenience in everyday life are important to you. If you often travel and move between cities, a home network is unlikely to work. Meanwhile, mobile Internet will be with you everywhere, always ready to work at full speed. What is more, thanks to appropriate parameters of work, you will ensure yourself comfort of using the net, which will allow you to use it for studying, communicating with friends, entertainment or while working. This solution will also allow you to once and for all resign from connecting to free, public WiFi points, which are difficult to verify in terms of security. Moreover, the development of telecommunication technologies has led to the fact that – unlike fiber-optic lines – LTE coverage has become more widespread and available even in smaller towns.

Financial benefits

Currently, virtually everyone has access to the Internet in their phone. Many people are connected to the Net all the time, even if they are not using a smartphone at the moment. Internet services are included in the subscription fees and constitute the lion’s share of them, so it is worth asking yourself about the profitability of concluding an additional agreement and installing a router also in your apartment or house. In many cases it may turn out that it is completely unnecessary. That is why it is so important to verify your needs thoroughly before signing any agreement with an Internet service provider. Sometimes it is better to buy a slightly more expensive package of mobile Internet LTE on the phone and enjoy it everywhere and use it comfortably also at home, to resign from the stationary connection. It is more profitable than paying regularly for two services that are not used to their full extent. In order to choose the best prepaid Internet offer you can use the ranking available at

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