Looking for an idea for a city break? Here are 7 places in Europe perfect for a weekend getaway

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City break is nothing more than a short trip to one of the largest cities in Europe, usually lasting for a weekend. It has its economic and time advantages

It does not burden the wallet and is aimed at people who have little time for traveling. Fortunately, travel agencies have come up with interesting offers. Here are 7 places in Europe for a perfect city break.

Spanish weekend

Let’s fly to Barcelona! This city knows how to please tourists, after all, it is an international tourist center. A special feature for tourists is the Barcelona Card. It costs 30 Euros and thanks to it, for three days you get access to free rides around the city, visits to certain monuments and discounts at restaurants and museums

The places to visit can make your head spin, starting with the city’s symbol, the Sagrada Familia, an Art Nouveau church, through historic, ornate buildings, and finally to one of the city’s beaches

Close to the border

Those who have once been to Prague will never forget it. The Czech capital tempts with the charm of Prague Castle, the Malá Strana quarter, full of historic churches, gardens and palaces and the atmospheric atmosphere of the old town. Prague is easily accessible by plane, car and train.

City break enthusiasts will appreciate such amenities as low prices in restaurants and stores. Another advantage is the language. A Pole and a Czech can always get along!

Mysterious Londinium

Whether it’s the stately Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the hustle and bustle of the City or the tranquility of the Thames, London offers many shades of charm. It has air connections to every major city in Poland. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on food, it is worth bringing your own from home. You can also visit the well-known Tesco markets. Tourists will appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of the many free attractions that the city offers.

Peaceful Vilnius

Located near the Polish border, Vilnius is ideal for a weekend getaway. It is easy to explore thanks to its peaceful and safe atmosphere. You can easily get there by car or train, and then succumb to the charm of the Old Town, which was built by King Wladyslaw Jagiello himself.

Lviv welcomes

Visitors to Lviv will quickly appreciate the low prices in stores and restaurants. Lviv is another city that is easy to get to from Poland with many connections and then lose yourself in the world of its monuments and attractions

Parisian heaven

Paris offers cheap food and many tourist attractions. Everyone must visit the Mona Lisa at the Louvre at least once in their lives! And with the Paris Pass, you also get access to the rest of the city’s 55 museums, free public transportation, and many interesting discounts.

On the Blue Danube

The last good place for a city break in our list is Budapest, the capital of Hungary. A lot of attractions and low prices are waiting for us there, and above all, many wonderful monuments, including the famous Parliament building on the Danube or famous bridges such as Margaret Bridge, referring to the Parisian architecture, or Chain Bridge, a witness of the rich history of the city.

Main Photo: Lina Kivaka/pexels.com

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