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Anna Wintour legendary editor-in-chief of American Vogue, since 1988 she has been ruling the magazine, which she gave the status of the bible of fashion. Wintour’s fame does not consist only of journalism and styling; she became famous as a controversial figure, whose co-workers accuse her of malice, cruelty (Miranda Priestly from the famous book “The Devil Wears Prada”, played by Meryl Streep in the film of the same title, was supposed to be modeled on her), and racism (for which she recently apologized on Vouge’s website). About one thing there is no doubt wintour’s stylings are always flawless.

Recognizable at a glance

Despite working in an industry that urges you to follow the latest trends, over the decades Anna has developed her own individual style, which is impossible to imitate. It can be described as feminine and classic. The formula, which is common in many of Anna Wintour’s looks, can be boiled down to a few elements:

  • hairstyle and accessories – a perfect bob with straight fringe and large, oval glasses covering the eyes are invariable elements of the editor’s image for years, without which it is hard to imagine her. Anna Wintour does not go overboard with jewelry, usually opting for a short, not flashy, but clear necklace or a string of beads.
  • a strong base – the basic element of Anna’s outfit are knee-length dresses – almost always colorful, patterned, with prints. While they may seem like a conservative choice, Wintour has an undeniable knack for wearing feminine dresses in a way that makes them look modern and fashionable. Another common base is two-piece outfits – usually with a dress or skirt.
  • long coats – leather, suede, animal print, embroidered… Anna Wintour’s arsenal of coats seems endless. The English phrase “statement piece,” which can be loosely translated as “style statement,” fits this element of the journalist’s style perfectly. The ability to combine coats with dresses in a way that does not overwhelm Anna’s petite figure deserves special attention.
  • classic shoes – Wintour’s wide range of often contrasting colors and patterns on her clothes means that she does not have to or even can not be too creative with her shoes. The veteran of the fashion industry knows this very well, which is why she usually chooses subdued sandals with a medium heel, and in winter, long, single-colored boots.
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Anna Wintour is casual

How does the editor of the most famous fashion magazine dress on her day off? Anna Wintour is rarely seen in pants, but on her Instagram you can find several photos in leisure wear. Even when walking her dog, Wintour looks elegant – she matches simple jeans or tracksuits with sweaters in muted colors, which, combined with her always impeccable hairstyle and glasses, evoke the French chic style.

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How do you get inspiration for the style of the Queen of Vogue?

Not everyone is going to feel comfortable in patterned dresses and coats à la Wintour, but everyone can learn from the boss of Vouge to stick to her own style, which has been developed over the years and always looks current despite the changing trends. Other tips which the style of this icon of the fashion world suggests are: do not be afraid of colors and patterns, because elegance does not have to mean only white, black and beige. Take care of good quality of clothes – then even the simplest combinations will be attractive. When consciously building your closet, focus on the leitmotif that you want to be associated with you and stick to it – no matter whether it is a characteristic accessory or combination of colors

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