Buying a watch – what to look for?

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For some people, a watch is a multifunctional gadget, helpful in coping with daily commitments and deadlines. Others see it as an element of fashion or a confirmation of social status. And another group appreciates the reliability provided by high-end wristwatch mechanisms. What should we pay attention to when buying a timepiece?

What do we need a watch for?

It is not true that there are fully universal watches. You can always be tempted to choose one that will suit the needs of the person to a greater extent. Among other things, the lifestyle that one leads is important. A person who jogs every day certainly deserves to have his activity accompanied by a sports watch with a stopwatch, pulse measurement and other improvements, which for the average user are at most an additional gadget. A typical “white collar” person, a person who dresses elegantly every day, will want to invest in a model with a much more classic and refined dial. 4


Let’s not deceive ourselves – how much we will pay for a given model is for many people one of the most important criteria of choosing a watch. And exactly in this case the rule that the more expensive, the better works. So if we hope to buy a watch, which we will be able to pass on to the next generation, not only with a beautiful design, but also with a reliable movement, we will have to pay a lot. However, if we are only interested in a refined design, we can successfully find very aesthetically made watches at attractive prices.

Material of manufacture

Resistance and lifetime of a watch largely depends on the materials from which it is made. Durable and extremely solid models must cost a lot, because the materials chosen for them are not cheap. Popular and resistant materials nowadays are not so much extremely expensive gold as platinum, high-class steel and titanium recommended for sportsmen. The material from which the glass is made also plays a major role. Elements made of sapphire are becoming more and more popular.

The shape of a watch

A watch can be primarily smaller or larger. There are different preferences – some people simply like big and heavy watches, but you should match the model to the size of your hand. As for the shape, round envelopes are most often chosen. Thanks to them, we have a gadget with quite a lot of versatility

Belt or bracelet?

One important dilemma is choosing how to attach your watch. A strap or a bracelet? If the former, what material? The problem with a bracelet is that it won’t always be comfortable. A black strap, on the other hand, will not only avoid such problems, but will also be quite elegant and versatile. It does not have to be leather at once – we can also find very good quality products made of ecological leather

Mechanism used

The choice is very large in this regard and, in principle, each option has advantages and disadvantages. A classic is the quartz mechanism, which is characterized by high accuracy and reliability. Instead of it, you can bet on a mechanism that requires winding. This is not a handy choice, but there will be people who love old-style objects and just such winding will be extremely tempting for them. Other options include an automatic mechanism or a watch that runs on solar power. Exemplars with a miniature solar battery are recommended for those who care about environmental protection.

The look of the dial

The dial is not only important for its functionality, but also because it is largely responsible for the aesthetics of the watch. Its color should be adjusted to personal preference, as well as the arrangement and appearance of the numerals or additional functions that allow to read other data from the dial than just the time

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