What is hydrogen facial cleansing?

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After the winter our skin needs deep cleansing and regeneration. Thanks to modern cosmetic equipment it is possible in a short time! One of the most popular treatments, chosen by customers of beauty salons, is hydrogen facial cleansing. Learn its secret and find out how it affects the skin

What is hydrogen cleansing?

Hydrogen cleansing is a procedure which consists in inserting microscopic particles of active hydrogen into the skin. Using such devices as HYDROGEN H2+ 6W1 or HYDRO EGG H2 JET 200, hydrogen gets into deeper layers, which cleanses cells and neutralizes free radicals responsible for aging.

Hydrogen molecules additionally create channels thanks to which active ingredients can much more easily interact with the skin.

The treatment itself is pleasant and painless. A complex therapy consists of:

  • hydrogen peeling, performed with a small head, thanks to which hydrogen enters the skin;
  • water cleansing;
  • application of active substances, including hyaluronic acid;
  • radio waves;
  • heat/cold head, which stimulates the skin to absorb active substances.

The treatment lasts from one to two hours, depending on whether or not the cleansing is followed by a facial massage. The price depends on the complexity of the therapy and the number of preparations used and varies between 200 and 400 zł.

Injection of hydrogen molecules under high pressure is accompanied by the phenomenon of electroporation. It involves a controlled micro-damage of the cell membrane. Microchannels are created in the skin, allowing nutrients to be absorbed faster and reach the deeper layers of the skin. Before the hydrogen cleansing treatment, the beautician performs diamond microdermabrasion, which is designed to exfoliate the top layer of the skin, along with impurities. The skin is then cleansed with hydrogen to later move on to electroporation, during which hyaluronic acid is introduced into the skin.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Hydrogen facial cleansing – benefits of the treatment

Hydrogen cleansing is for people who suffer from skin imperfections, their complexion is tired and severely dehydrated. If you see acne or have a vascular skin, this treatment will be perfect for you! Importantly, it will not only help to deeply cleanse your skin pores, but it will also strengthen your skin’s texture and make your complexion glow. Hydrocarbon skin cleansing is the perfect way to achieve a more youthful appearance – by infusing nutrients into the skin, this treatment gives much better results than a patch mask applied only superficially.

The effects of hydrogen skin purification:

  • reduction of free radicals in the skin and its rapid rejuvenation,
  • better skin hydration,
  • less visible vessels,
  • cleansed pores,
  • eliminated blackheads and imperfections,
  • an even skin tone,
  • improved elasticity and firmness.

The effect of hydrogen facial cleansing lasts even a few months. For better results it is recommended to perform it in series of 5 or 10 treatments at weekly intervals. As a result, the skin will become visibly smoother and firmer. Sensitive and vascular skin is not a contraindication for performing the procedure.

Water facial cleansing can be performed all year round, regardless of the weather outside the window.

Contraindications for hydrogen facial cleansing:

  • inflammatory skin lesions in the acute stage,
  • interrupted continuity of the skin in the place where the treatment is performed,
  • fresh tan,
  • previously performed chemical peeling,
  • allergy to substances contained in preparations with active ingredients,
  • fever, cold or malaise.

Hydrogen facial cleansing is an ideal treatment before the summer, when the skin needs cleansing and regeneration. After the treatment, the beautician will recommend special products with hyaluronic acid to prolong the effect of the treatment.

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