The world’s most expensive motorcycles

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Each one beautiful, each one unique, each one set with diamonds or inlaid with gold… Produced in small numbers, made from the finest materials, with attention to detail, using the latest technology – this is a list of the most expensive motorcycles in the world.

NCR Macchia Nera

Ducati engine, 998R Testastretta version with 183 horsepower. To heavily reduce its weight, lightweight materials such as carbon and titanium were used. It also uses additional components, including Evoluzione clutch, Brembo braking system from MotoGP and Ohlins suspension. It is priced at around $225,000, or nearly $968,000.

Lauge Jensen Goldfinger

What is key about this vehicle comes out already in the name – Goldfinger is a chopper covered with 24-carat gold and 250 diamonds, in which the seat is made of crocodile skin. It doesn’t have interesting performance and other motorcycles are unlikely to catch up, but here the focus is on looks. Its current price is 850 thousand dollars, or about 2.5 million zlotys.


Its engine power is 203 horsepower. The base of the bike is a MotoGP Ducati Desmosedici RR, reworked and improved, kept in dark tones. Efforts were made to keep its weight as low as possible – eventually reduced to 144 kg. The price will surprise some people, because it is 232 500 dollars, or about 880 600 PLN.


It is powered by a 2409 cm³ engine that develops up to 228 horsepower. Thanks to the use of light materials such as carbon and titanium the motorcycle weight reaches 400 kg, and the saddle was made by Berluti (a prestigious brand of, among others, leather goods). The price of this marvel reaches 300 thousand dollars, or almost 1 138 000 PLN.

Ecosse ES1 Superbike

The technology of this machine resembles the solutions used in Formula 1 cars. Maximum speed is 370 km/h. The chassis is frameless, the vehicle has an ultra-efficient electronic control system. The price is about 13 000 000 zloty.

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

Here is put on the size: powerful 10-cylinder engine with 507 horsepower, achievable speed is about… 600 km/h. With such excellent parameters also comes weight (as much as 680 kg). Interesting fact: this motorcycle has four wheels, it was shown for the first time in 2003; not only its size, but also its silhouette is unusual. It is valued at 550 thousand dollars (about 2 084 000 zlotys).

Yamaha Roadstar BMS Chopper

Unique and luxurious, presented for the first time at an international fair. It has a 1700 cm³ engine and its body is covered with 24-carat gold. The creators have received many prestigious awards for the design of this machine. Its value is about 1,500,000 zlotys.

Bucherer, Harley-Davidson Blue Edition

This is the undoubted winner in this ranking. Even Bucherer, a Swiss watch and jewelry manufacturer, has taken it upon itself to produce motorcycles. And so, in 2018, in collaboration with Bündnerbike (custom motorcycle workshop), he presented the Harley-Davidson Blue Edition. It was immediately recognized as the most expensive motorcycle in the world, and its value was valued at $1.79 million (I dread to convert). Its distinctive feature is its indigo color, which was obtained using a special technique shrouded in secrecy. Some elements were gilded and set with more than 360 diamonds.

Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship

And here is another Harley. This is a special version presented in 2010. This machine has an engine with a capacity of 1250 cm³. So, it is characterized by a huge power, and it is also a real gem in terms of art, because it contains a handmade work of a famous artist – Jack Armstrong (Neil Armstrong’s nephew). After all, the name “Cosmic Starship” implies something, in this case – it’s a 2002 V-Rod, painted in the style of Cosmic Extensionism. The motorcycle is estimated to be worth around 3,700,000 zloty.

Main photo: Stitch Dias/Pexels

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