The perfect lipstick – what to look for when buying?

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Lipsticks were used as early as in ancient Egypt. At that time their function was mainly to improve beauty. Nowadays lipstick not only has the task of giving color to the skin of the lips, but also nourishes and optically enlarges them. How to choose the best and at the same time luxurious lipstick from hundreds of proposals available on the market?

Features of the best lipstick

A lipstick that deserves to be called the best lipstick should have such features as high pigmentation of the product or formula enriched with natural oils and vitamin A. It should also be extremely long-lasting and at the same time protect the lips from dryness. The durability of the product comes from the composition, which should include a fixative; a primer or a vegan base. The longevity of the product is extremely important especially if you opt for a juicy or dark shade of lipstick. There is nothing worse than a lipstick that wears unevenly and quickly “eats away” at your lips

Does luxury lipstick have to be expensive?

Usually luxury products are associated with a high price and a well-known logo on the package. However, are these the true parameters of luxury? It depends on your perspective. For many people, the adjective “luxury” means an expensive product that has been manufactured by a well-known and at the same time expensive brand that only the rich can afford. But is this the correct definition of the word? Not necessarily. Not every expensive product serves its purpose. Many companies that manufacture cheaper products can boast of quality that is alien to the biggest “players” on the market

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A luxury product also means high quality, which is very important, because when you pay a high sum for a given lipstick, you expect it to meet all your requirements. Therefore, when choosing a lipstick that is supposed to meet all your requirements, it is worth to be guided by its properties, and not by a fashionable logo, placed on the box, which is clearly associated with luxury, but does not guarantee the highest quality of the product. Lipstick, which is characterized by the most beautiful color, but at the same time dries out the skin of the lips, will never look good. The same is true of lipsticks, which after application unsightly “spill” around the contour of the mouth.

Luxury is a classic

For the vast majority of women, a luxury lipstick should be red. However, this color has not one name. There are many shades of red available on the market, so absolutely every woman can choose a color that will perfectly match her beauty. Red is the color, which for decades has been associated with luxury, high social status and above-average elegance, At the same time it is worth remembering that this color, although it is a timeless classic, not necessarily will fit into every occasion. The best lipstick does not mean, therefore, that it should be in the color of classic red. But above all, it should perfectly harmonize with the beauty of the woman who uses it.

All the features of a perfect lipstick

The best lipstick should not only give the skin of the lips a perfect and, at the same time, long-lasting color, but, at the same time, it should nurture and moisturize it to the maximum. The composition of a lipstick should include a primer, which effectively improves the quality of the product, vitamin A, which has a regenerating and moisturizing effect, as well as oils of natural origin, which are also responsible for maximum nourishment and hydration of the lips. It is also worth remembering that regardless of whether you choose a classic red or a nude shade, a lipstick should be characterized by maximum pigmentation of the product, so that the application of just one layer is enough to evenly and intensely cover the lips. It is also worth remembering to choose a lipstick with a finish. In this case, the prevailing trends should be of secondary or even tertiary importance.

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