How to regenerate after a hard day? We suggest!

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After a hard week at work comes time to relax. Without it, it’s hard to shift into weekend mode and forget about your responsibilities, if only for a moment. Check out our tips on how to recover from a demanding work week.

Method #1: A relaxing bath

Nothing relaxes tense muscles like warm, bubbly water. To take relaxation to an even higher level, you can use scented bath balls. Aromatherapy has been known and practiced for thousands of years, especially in traditional medicine. The warm water will help you focus your thoughts on something other than work. Place some scented candles around the bathtub to set the mood. Don’t forget about relaxing music and a glass of wine. You can also use a whirlpool, which stimulates blood circulation and helps you get rid of fat tissue faster. After the bath, reach for your favorite olive oil, firming serum or lotion for even more pampering.

Method #2: Yoga

You might be surprised at how relaxing yoga can be. You don’t have to be an expert to reap the many benefits of body-stretching exercises. Take a class at a yoga school to train your skills under the guidance of a certified trainer, or just chill out in your own four corners. Either method is good!

Way #3: Running

When you work out, endorphins are released, making your body and mind relaxed and bad thoughts drift away. Any runner will attest to this. You don’t have to run marathons right away – a leisurely jog around town or in the woods is enough to reap the benefits of the sport.

Method #4: Hot chocolate

Nothing improves a woman’s mood more than delicious chocolate. During the autumn rainy season, hot chocolate with spices and orange peel is perfect. It has been proven that chocolate improves mood. So there is no need to argue with science!

Way number 5: meditation

Great gurus of eastern philosophy, but also – surprisingly – people from the front pages of newspapers talk openly about how much they owe in their lives to meditation. It is from meditation that they draw the peace, harmony and balance they need to function. This is how they can deal with intrusive thoughts or perpetual worry. Learn to practice stillness and take control of your emotions. Control your thoughts and make them follow the course you indicate.

Way number 6: relaxing music

Well-chosen melodies can put you in a relaxing mood, so necessary after a hard and stressful day at work. Choose your favorite genre and let your thoughts drift away. To enhance the effect of the music, turn off all other stimuli – turn off the lights and close your eyes.

Method #7: Erotic Massage

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